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Ibex Hiking Tour in the Bregenzerwald

Alpine Ibexes in Vorarlberg

Enjoy the mountains on holiday in Vorarlberg

Alpine Ibex Hike in Bregenzerwald

Ibexes – these rare Alpine animals became almost extinct in the wild. You can see Alpine ibexes, which are also known as Steinbock, in Bregenzerwald Forest in Vorarlberg on the "Kanisfluh."

The Kanisfluh is one of the most remarkable mountains in Bregenzerwald. The rugged northern flank can be seen from the valley, the southern slopes are green and very sunny. This is the perfect habitat for ibexes.

Route description

With an altitude difference of 1,200m the ibexes hike to the Kanisfluh is one of the most challenging. The 6-hour tour should be started early in the morning, best even at dawn. Early morning is also the best time to see ibexes. Good and solid footwear is required for this alpine hike.

Most important reference points of this route

Mellau lower terminus – left to Kanisalpe – Wurzach – steeply uphill to Kanisfluh (2,044m above sea level) – and back

Places for lovely breaks

  • Alphof Roßstelle
  • Restaurant Simma
  • Alpe Kanis
  • Alpe Wurzach
  • Alpe Obere
  • Edelweisshütte Hut

A culinary highlight during your hike is the crispy farmer’s duck at the Edelweisshütte Hut, which you will be able to enjoy if you order in advance, or the delicious stewed veal shank, a very savoury dish. For those with a sweet tooth the hut also serves a wonderful and a traditional pancake dish called Kaiserschmarrn. 

If you want to see Alpine ibexes in Vorarlberg on a hiking tour, send your no obligation holiday enquiry to the Hotel Post in Bezau.