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Your Natural Anti Aging with TCM & Acupuncture

Natural Anti-Aging with TCM

Anti aging spa treatments in Vorarlberg, Austria

Be uncompromisingly beautiful with the natural anti aging in the Susanne Kaufmann spa in the Bregenz Forest

Susanne Kaufmann, together with Dr. Brigitte Klett, specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), has developed a natural form of anti aging treatment with acupuncture.

Natural anti aging gives the topic of sustainability and effectiveness in cosmetics a new dimension. The focus of this anti aging treatment of the newest generation are not the symptoms, but instead the causes.

Holistic treatment

Care and lifestyle are combined into a holistic treatment through a medically founded combination of highly concentrated plant cosmetics with acupuncture and applications from Traditional Chinese Medicine that positively and sustainably influences the physical and mental comfort.

TCM treatments at the Spa Hotel in Vorarlberg, Austria

The effects of acupuncture on the skin and hair were used in ancient China. Facial rejuvenation acupuncture (FRA) will be developed especially from the work of Virginia Doran from these old traditions over the last decades.

Anti-wrinkle acupuncture based on Virginia Doran

Facial rejuvenation based on Virginia Doran is a method that works not only cosmetically but is also holistically implemented according to the rules of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It is also a constitution-strengthening treatment: your own beauty is radiated from within. The facial rejuvenation without side effects is created from a combination of acupuncture applied to the ears, arms and legs in order to strengthen your overall constitution. This will increase the energy and regulate the lymphatic flow.

Special ultra thin needles in the face strengthen the circulation there and provide improved metabolism in the skin of the face and help you to achieve a radiant appearance. Our TCM specialists Dr. Brigitte Klett and Dr. Michaela Janetschek have learned this method from Virginia Doran and provides treatment according to her principles.

Susanne Kaufmann and the beauty hotel team in Vorarlberg look forward to your visit. Send your non-binding holiday inquiry to the team of the 4-star superior Hotel Post and discover the fountain of youth in Bezau in Vorarlberg.