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Architecture in Vorarlberg - Bregenzerwald Architecture

Architecture and craftsmanship in Vorarlberg

4-Sterne Hotel Post Bezau im Bregenzerwald

Bregenz Forest architecture and craftsmanship at Hotel Post in Bezau

The unison of the old and new can be felt in many facets in Vorarlberg. This is most clear in its architecture and craftsmanship. Old Bregenz Forest houses, modern buildings or a combination of both fit together harmoniously. At first glance, what they have in common is the material - wood. And, at the second glance, the high functionality.

The Bregenz Forest architecture is also perfectly implemented at Hotel Post in Bezau.


The classic Bregenz Forest house is a single building made from wood that combines the living area, livestock and supply area as well as the equipment storage.

Wooden shingles are attached to the facade and protect against wind and weather. This type of house, which was also featured on the former Austrian 100 schilling bills, continues to mark the landscape of the Bregenz Forest.

4 star Hotel Post Bezau in the Bregenz Forest, Austria


A farmer-like practicality and the highest level of craftsmanship are features of the Bregenz Forest architecture. Then as well as now. This practicality has resulted in the plain, minimalistic construction style. The use of wood requires a high degree of manual craftsmanship.

Alongside the local firs and spruce, the architects are also taken by the silver fir with its bright, hard wood. Once very controversial, it has now found its place in many houses and cabins.

Hotel Post in Bezau

Hotel guests with an interest in architecture have made the right choice with Hotel Post. With many new expansions and renovation, the famous Kaufmann family of architects have created a hotel that can designated without a doubt as a shining example of Bregenz Forest architecture and manual craftsmanship in Bezau.

A majority of the furnishings were designed especially for the hotel by Oskar Leo Kaufmann and implemented by regional manual craftsmen: from the hand-woven linen curtains to tables, bed and leather sofas. When constructing the tennis hall, architect Leopold Kaufmann used wood in an unconventional and highly effective manner.

During the later expansion of Hotel Post by his son, Oskar Leo Kaufmann, wood was again used harmoniously as the dominant raw material.

Discover the Bregenz Forest architecture in Bezau and the surrounding area

Vorarlberg is worth a trip for the architecture in Bezau and the surrounding area alone. Spend the night in an architectural work of art planned by the famous Kaufmann family of architects. The hotel team looks forward to your online booking.