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Restore your Alkaline Balance at the Bezau Spa

Pure beauty in the Susanne Kaufmann spa in the Bregenz Forest

Health & Spa in the Bregenz Forest

An alkaline treatment makes the skin shine

A healthy acid-alkaline balance is the prerequisite for the wellbeing of the body and for beautiful, radiant skin. In the spa of Hotel Post Bezau, Susanne Kaufmann has developed special alkaline treatments for the body and face.

Acid-alkaline balance

A good acid-alkaline balance provides an important and often under-estimated element of comfort for a healthy body. We are aware of how to measure blood pressure or a resting pulse, but the acid-alkaline index is often neglected. Today, we assume that there is a connection between the circulation and thus the oxygen supply of the tissue and the acid-alkaline metabolism: the lower the hyperacidity in the tissue, the better the tissue circulation.

Alkaline salt from Susanne Kaufmann organic treats

The alkaline salt not only deacidifies the body and allows the acids and toxins to be transported from the body; it also provides a balance and beautiful complexion as well as the efficient treatment of rashes as well as the efficient treatment of dry, flaky skin. It is anti-inflammatory, regenerative and protects the natural acid mantel of the skin.  To sum things up: Susanne Kaufmann Alkaline Salt is a true all-rounder.

Alkaline treatments

In the Susanne Kaufmann spa, you will find alkaline treatments for the body such as baths, peelings and foot treatments as well as treatments for the face with alkaline masks and special massages.

Let us know your individual desires with a no-obligation booking enquiry and you will promptly receive a corresponding offer. You can, of course, also book your treatments at the Susanne Kaufmann spa online.