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Body Rejuvenation Concept

Body Rejuvenation Concept

Get in shape at the Susanne Kaufmann Spa

The new, effective body rejuvenation concept, developed by Susanne Kaufmann and the therapist Sicco Schwenzfeger, is based on the latest scientific findings in lymphology and myofascial therapy and shows visible results after just a few days. The body rejuvenation concept forms the basis for a sustainable weight and body-size reduction, detoxification, improvement of connective tissue as well as a rejuvenation of the entire body. A girth measurement at the beginning and end of the treatment ensures a measurable success.

Body Rejuvenation appointments

  • 29th April to 6th May 2018
  • 10th to 17th June 2018
  • 16th to 23rd September 2018
  • 14th to 21st October 2018

To understand how the body rejuvenation concept works, it’s helpful to know how weight and connective tissue problems arise. One explanation is that for women, the connective tissue fibres run parallel and perpendicular to each other, whereas they are in a mesh-like configuration in men. In addition, women naturally have much more oestrogen in their blood, which helps produce cellulite and fat deposits. Oestrogen loosens connective tissue which encourages increased water and fat deposits. This has a negative effect on surrounding tissue as blood circulation is reduced and the ability to remove waste products is decreased. Lymph drainage is similarly reduced. In addition, our nutrition is often poor nowadays which increases blockages in the lymph system. Sugar, white flour products and food rich in fat are deposited in our cells as waste products. Excess fats, unusable sugars as well as harmful acids are increasingly stored in loose connective tissue. This causes it to increasingly lose its elasticity.

Body Rejuvenation treatments

The treatment concept exclusive to Susanne Kaufmann works on three levels:

  • Activation and release of fat cells
  • Evacuation of tissue fluids that consist of fat and toxins
  • Tightening the connective tissue

Wrapping techniques and effective products are used to activate and release the fat cells which also removes toxins from the cells. These are then transported away using drainage and lymph techniques. To optimise the transport of tissue fluids, smooth fascial tissues are crucial as nutrients are transported with the lymph fluid to the cells and waste products from metabolic processes as well as harmful substances are transported away from the cells which tightens and strengthens the skin.

Overview of the treatments

A medical lymph drainage is perfect for treating and preventing cellulite. The lymph is regarded as the crucial wastewater system of the connective tissue. Factors that lead to blockages in the lymph system include lack of exercise, unhealthy nutrition and sometimes also hormone changes, among others. Fat cells begin to thicken tissue water which is therefore retained in the body. This causes increased swelling of the connective issue. In this way, lymphs are prevented from working properly and form undesirable cellulite.

The first lymph drainage in the morning is used to separate fat and protein cells. When these cells are stuck together, metabolism is slowed and the removal of waste products and fat cells is impossible.

The subsequent body wrap ensures that fat cells are compressed. The resulting sauna effect helps effective products to be implanted deeply in the tissue. Water and toxins are removed and transported away from the cells. The result is an amazing cleansing effect.

The second lymph drainage transports the released tissue fluid away and the lymphs are brought back to an optimal flow using lymph drainage. Only when the lymph system is functioning perfectly can connective tissue be supplied with nutrients again and harmful substances (toxins) can be transported away. This effectively alleviates cellulite.

To help the detoxification processes, you will receive a detox oil peeling twice during the treatment. This opens the channels of the dermis from which the toxins can escape. Special elimination points are stimulated in order to promote the circulation of the tissue and the elimination of toxins. Pomegranate oil is subsequently massaged in with soft, fluid massage techniques.

After this spa treatment, you will receive function tights and perform a light exercise routine.

TCM detox cuisine

Of course, there is no magic food that will get rid of cellulite or those few extra pounds. But balanced nutrition and sufficient exercises quickly improve complexion. The body rejuvenation concept accompanies you both during the treatment and at home with a nutrition concept which effectively fights against excess weight and metabolic disorders. The transition to a low glycaemic, alkaline-rich diet helps to control the body’s insulin level so that less fat is deposited and connective tissue remains tight.

Carbohydrates are also allowed during the body rejuvenation treatment. Some foods which are high in carbohydrates have a low glycaemic index and are therefore a source of complex carbohydrates. The TCM detox cuisine is designed to include only sources of good complex carbohydrates.

The glycaemic index is a measurement that indicates the extent to which blood sugar, glucose and the insulin level are influenced when the body has consumed carbohydrates. The pancreas controls this process.

Insulin has the following qualities:

  • Strong, anabolic hormone in the body
  • Influences the feeling of fullness
  • Regulates blood sugar level
  • Prevents degradation of fatty tissue
  • Encourages development of fat deposits

In summary, a high insulin level is often responsible for excess weight.


Losing excess weight, building muscle tissue and encouraging circulation are the most important ways to tone the body. Exercise is vital for a holistic rejuvenation. Today, we predominantly work while sitting and our lives are often stressful and hurried. Sport creates a balance and can promote well-being. It is important to choose a sport that you are able to maintain for a long period of time, as the positive effects only arise from regular exercise. For this reason, different sport should be tried out to see what is best for you personally. Whether in a group or on your own, flexibly or at specific times during the week, the exercise should be moderate, but regular.

In the daily exercise programme at Hotel Post, you will find a variety of options including yoga, pilates or running.