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Bregenz Festival & Bezau Beatz in Vorarlberg

The opera Turandot on the Bregenz lake stage

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2016 Bregenz Festival and stay delightfully at Hotel Post Bezau

“Nessun dorma” - No one can sleep since the Chinese princess must learn the name of the unknown prince by morning.

Giacomo Puccini wrote one of his most famous arias in his last opera.

Puccini was not able to complete his master work and died shortly before the world premiere at Scala in Milan. The composer Toscanini put his baton aside at the premiere after the last note composed by Puccini and said: “The work of the master ends here. Then he died.” The silence was followed by deafening celebration. The premiere of this lyric drama in 3 acts takes place on 21 July on the lake stage in Bregenz.


The Chinese princess Turandot is a blinding beauty. Many men attempt to win her favour, but none receive it. They all fail to solve the puzzle that would open the door to the princess’s heart. Their mission is a matter of life and death. Upon failure, their heads are cut off. An unknown prince solves the three riddles and does not have to die. But he does not accept the favour “won” as a prize. He wants the true love of the princess.

Bregenz lake stage

The Bregenz lake stage is the largest floating stage in Europe. The picturesque view over the Bodensee and the spectacular sunset make the production on the lake an unforgettable event. Turandot is a lyric drama in three acts and five settings in Italian with German subtitles. Directed and designed by Marco Arturo Marelli. Musical direction by Paolo Carignani.

The ancillary programme of the Bregenz Festival also includes additional concerts, readings and a comprehensive family programme. You can learn more at

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