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Bregenzer Festspiele

2014 festival season in Bregenz

Bregenzer Festspiele - Opera on the lake "Magic Flute"

Motto “bittersweet Vienna”

This year’s motto for the Bregenz Festival comes from David Pourtney, Artistic Director of the festival in 2013 and 2014: “bittersweet Vienna”. The themes: wealth, poverty, charm, corruption, excitement and neuroses, cultivation and deviance, sensitivity and sentimentality, friendliness and falsehood - these suggest the many contradictions of Austria’s legendary capital, Vienna.

It seems that Bregenz was far enough away for him to pose these considerations. After all, with its location in the capital of the province of Vorarlberg, it is as far away from Vienna as possible.

The Magic Flute

In the Magic Flute, Vienna is described as a bittersweet relic, a city with two faces. The city is in fact Janus-face, as Vienna embodies a great of Western European culture and simultaneously also features more than a hint of the Balkans.

Ancillary programme of the festival

The ancillary programme is also concerned with oppositions. The opera Geschichten aus dem Wiener Wald [Tales from the Vienna Forest] is adpated from a play by the Hungarian-Austrian writer Ödön von Horváth and is a bitter satire about the phoniness and brutality of the petit bourgeoisie ironically named after the low mountain range near the Austrian capital that has been so idealised in waltzes.

The satirical opera Gloria von Jaxtberg demonstrates that people are capable of misleading and seducing themselves without the presence of any external influences.

The operas Le Rossignol and L’Hirondelle inattendue will be presented within the family programme. In both pieces, a fancy and exotic society is confronted with a poor creature that has something both beautiful and important to say.

The ancillary programme also includes additional concerts, readings and a comprehensive family programme. Learn more at

Ancillary programme in Bezau

Bezau Beatz 2014 is moving on into the carriage house of the Wälderbähnle. This year, it is a three-day festival. From Thursday to Saturday, there will be a colourful, sophisticated and entertaining programme far from the mainstream for people with open ears and open attitudes. Music in the village from all directions - this will continue to be the motto of Bezau Beatz.

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