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BUS:STOP – Wait more pleasantly

9th Bregenz Forest Crafts and Skilled Trades Exhibition 2014

International architects design bus stops in the Bregenz Forest

International architects design bus stops in the Bregenz Forest

The village of Krumbach in the Bregenz Forest has obtained international architects to build seven new bus stops. The project is called BUS:STOP. The seven bus stop buildings are now finished. BUS:STOP has dedicated itself to seemingly simple everyday building as a counterpart to the widespread addiction to large-scale projects.

The idea

Dietmar Steiner, director of the Vienna Architecture Centre, was approached by the “Kultur Krumbach” association for help in implementing the idea of having the waiting buildings for the thorough rural bus system designed by international architects. The selection of architects was not made only according to their degree of fame but much more on the basis of their understanding of the sculptural, which was very important to Dietmar Steiner.

Bregenz Forest architecture

The architects

The message

Smiljan Radic from Chile took the idea of the “Bauernstube” (farmhous parlour) out of its original context in his design, placed it in glass and covered it with wood. His implementation is exposed and intimate at the same time. Farm-style wooden chairs provide seating options and a birdhouse floats above them.

The Norway architects were so impressed by their position on the tennis court that they added an additional function to the waiting building: the top floor also serves as functional platform looking out over the tennis court.

The three architects from Belgium were inspired by the journey across the nearby Alpine passes. Three-dimensional folds form a “pyramid mountain” from triangular painted stell surfaces.

Crafts and skilled trades at Bregenz Forest

Brodsky reacted to the landscape of his bus stop with a radically simple tower construction. The openings in the lower part of the tower are glassed in on three sides and cosily furnished with a table and bench.

The Madrid Ensemble Studio was fascinated by the coated oak boards in their dry storage. Their pavilion has been made exclusively from stacked, untreated boards and is simultaneously a protected as well as open space.

Amateur Architect Studio China has planned a kind of funnel made of wood that provides a free view of the street and landscape.

The bus stop designed by Fujimoto of Japan offers more of a perspective of shelter with thin steel and wood poles. A circular staircase with a beautiful view of the Bregenz Forest is planned for the middle.

Crafts and skilled trades

All architects have allowed themselves to be inspired by the traditional crafts and skilled trade businesses, the local materials, such as wood, and the detailed construction culture. This is evident in the designs and from how many involve wood and traditional construction styles of Vorarlberg. The designs were presented as large models in Kunsthaus Bregenz. Project BUS:STOP in Krumbach opened on 1 May 2014 and can be visited at any time.

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