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Exercise and activities for children

Growing up healthily – Children and exercise

Sports and activities in the Bregenzerwald

Hotel Post in Bezau offers a wide range of sports and activities, including for its very youngest guests

Active parents and children - and those who’d like to get active - will be more than catered to on a holiday in the Bregenz Forest. Not only does Hotel Post Bezau have great exercise programmes for children at the hotel itself, such as swimming lessons or the European Tennis Academy, but the natural environment also inspires guests to undertake beneficial exercise in the fresh mountain air of Vorarlberg. The positive effects of sport and fitness on the body and mind are undisputed.

Why exercise is so important

Sufficient exercise, like balanced nutrition, is essential for children to be able to grow up healthily. Raising them to behave in a health-conscious way is a responsible task. Parents must also examine their own behaviour in this respect and become conscious of the fact that children learn much from their parents through observation - including in the areas of exercise and sport. Exercise is a decisive motor for the physical, spiritual and social development of children and adolescents. Through shared physical activities, they learn how to get along with other children and adolescents and to develop team spirit.

Growing up healthily


  • ...strengthens the cardiovascular system
  • ...improves respiration, metabolism and the immune system
  • ...promotes motor development
  • ...prevents obesity
  • ...promotes brain development
  • ...strengthens the bones
  • ...promotes the formation of muscle
  • ...promotes self-confidence
  • a valve for releasing stress and aggression

Exercise gets the brain running

Children who do an hour of sport a day are better able to learn and concentrate, because the body absorbs more oxygen and blood flow to the brain increases. Improved circulation supports the formation of contact points between the nerve cells when learning. This doesn’t mean that exercise makes you smarter. But brain performance and attention levels improve. People who exercise activate the motor centres of their brains. Centres that play an important role in processing and storing information. For example, children as well as adults retain words, numbers and content better when they use gestures, move rhythmically or repeat content aloud when learning.

Sport for children and adolescents at Hotel Post in Bezau

The World Health Organisation recommends that children should exercise for at least one hour day to the extent that they sweat. At Hotel Post Bezau, we offer numerous exercise and sports options for children and adolescents ranging from tennis to running techniques and from stabilisation training to swimming lessons. No matter whether together with their parents or on their own, children learn more enduringly, thoroughly and enthusiastically when they can use their body with all its senses. At Hotel Post in Bezau, we have enough ideas for children’s sport, while the Bregenz Forest offers endless inspiration for shared activities with the family. Use your free time to hike together to the summits, go on bicycle or mountain bike tours or introduce your kids to golf.

Which sport for which child?

The right kind of exercise and sport exists for every age and ability.

  • For small children, the way to a life of exercise begins with children’s gymnastics. Motor development is promoted while the children playfully master the world and learn about their bodies.
  • Children of kindergarten age love little competitions amongst each other, they learn to ride a bicycle, get excited about skipping, hopscotch and the like.
  • Primary school children prefer things more sporty. Learning to swim, play football, ski, play tennis are now high on the agenda. Now is exactly the right time to become a member of a sports club.
  • The first kinds of endurance sport should be introduced to teenagers. Most of them have already found their sport, having acquired motor skills and a safe balance.

Give yourself and your kids a successful active holiday in the mountains of Vorarlberg and send your no-obligation holiday enquiry to Hotel Post Bezau.