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Cross-country skiing training at Hotel Post Bezau

Cross-country skiing training in the Bregenz Forest

A sporty holiday at Hotel Post in Bezau

A sporty holiday at Hotel Post in Bezau

Wintertime is also cross-country skiing time in the Bregenz Forest. A perfectly developed cross-country ski trail network, optimally prepared cross-country ski trails for classic cross-country skiing and skating styles and a breath-taking landscape offer you everything you need for a sporty cross-country skiing holiday.

Cross-country skiing is the perfect combination of nature and endurance sports. The even movements and the peace of the empty slopes have an almost meditative effect. With the cross-country skiing training at Hotel Post, you can increase your performance, improve it or learn cross-country skiing for the first time as a beginner.

Cross-country skiing training at Hotel Post

If you intend to pursue this winter sport regularly and for the long-term, you should definitely be shown the cross-country skiing technique by a trainer. From 11th January to 28th February 2015, Hotel Post offers free cross-country skiing training sessions from Monday to Friday. No matter whether classic or skating style, our coaches will perfectly prepare you for a successful cross-country winter.

Classic or skating

Two different cross-country skiing techniques are practiced. The older of the two is classic cross-country skiing. Here, one imitates natural walking and slides the skis parallel next to each other. In order to be able to apply pressure and not have the foot slide out from under you, the classic cross-country ski has a fish scale pattern on the bottom or is treated with so-called kick wax.

With skating, the modern cross-country skiing version, one glides dynamically through the snow with swinging motions. Similar to inline skating or ice skating, one applies pressure here with the respective gliding inner edge of the ski to gain momentum for the next stride. Skating skis are somewhat shorter than classic cross-country skis and are only treated with glide wax.

5 healthy reasons for cross-country skiing

  • Cross-country skiing puts the entire body in motion. Almost all of the muscles of the body are trained simultaneously: legs-arms-neck-back. And you get some head space, too.
  • Cross-country skiing strengthens the circulation and the heart. It challenges without over-challenging. The optimal pulse rate is between 160-180 beats per minute minus age.
  • Cross-country skiing comes one young. Just three weekly sessions of 30 minutes acts like a fountain of youth.
  • Cross-country skiing makes you slim. One hour of cross-country skiing consumes 500-700 kcal. That’s more than any other kind of sport.
  • Cross-country skiing trains coordination and balance. For more balance in everyday life.

Whip your cardiovascular system into shape during a cross-country skiing holiday in Vorarlberg and send us your no-obligation enquiry for one of the comfortable rooms at Hotel Post in Bezau right now.