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Cuisine & Dining in Bezau

Culinary pleasure

Fine dining at Hotel Restaurant Post Bezau in Austria

The cuisine at Hotel Post

The rising demand for regional and natural products and the trend towards sustainable, healthy and light dishes have been playing a major role in the kitchen of the Hotel Post Bezau for a long time. The Hotel Post in Bezau intends to reinforce this topic even stronger in its new culinary philosophy.

Fresh base products, preferably from the region, guarantee taste, nutrient density and energy. They form the base of the various delicacies, daily created in our kitchen.  The majority of products that we process originate in the region, from local farmers and producers, who supply us with fresh vegetables, fish and meat, honey, dairy products, cheese and fruits.

The heartfelt desire of the gourmet cuisine at the Hotel Post does not stop at creating exquisite flavour experiences from natural products but pays special attention to the culinary pleasure and well-being of every single guest. Therefore, the kitchen of the Hotel Post additionally offers a balanced TCM Detox cuisine besides selected vegetarian dishes

Discover the extended Post Premium half-board. You have the choice between 2 starters, 2 soups, 3 main courses and 2 desserts. You can still choose the salad in advance and the cheese variations at the end from the buffet as usual. 

Gourmet cuisine at Hotel Post in Vorarlberg, Austria

Regional cuisine

Our culinary offer is oriented around fresh, seasonal, regional products refined with local alpine herbs and spices at all times. This results in harmonious combinations and exceptional delights.

Nowadays more and more people strive towards a sensible lifestyle, value healthy nutrition and consume products of sustainable agriculture. The Hotel Post in Bezau devotes its cuisine to this topic and incorporates it in their everyday operation with full commitment to ecology and sustainability. For instance with its own vegetable and herb cultivation projects among many other things.

A la minute

Eating is healthy. Eating is more than the intake of food. Eating enhances the quality of life. Good food is one of the most important components of a content life – just like a very nice vacation. Our culinary team only processes products of highest quality. Something that you can taste. Only carefully selected products make their way into our pots. We procure vegetables, meat and fish, whenever possible, from regional businesses. They put great emphasis on fresh, honest and seasonable goods and renounce products with long transport routes. Chef Stefan Jazbec spoils you, within the scope of the half board, with modern Austrian cuisine at the highest level. Sit back and enjoy the menu served to your table. Look forward to fresh delicacies – carefully prepared. 


Post Premium Board

Start your day with the best ingredients from the area at our regional breakfast buffet: Alpine cheese and eggs from the neighbouring farm, bacon or ham, fresh yoghurt and herbal curd cheese, homemade apricot jam or the own honey – to that we serve crispy farmer’s bread and fragrant rolls. The afternoon snack offers a selection of regional dishes, homemade cakes and Austrian desserts. In the evening, Chef Stefan Jazbek spoils you with modern Austrian cuisine at the highest level.

TCM Detox Cuisine

The TCM Detox cuisine is a modern diet for detoxification and purification, the prevention of obesity and the elimination of metabolic disorders. It is based on the principals of traditional Chinese medicine combined with modern scientific findings of the nutritional science. Some foodstuff is supportive to the body own detoxification and activates the purification process. The selection of foodstuff should include every food category: carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The selection takes into account the nutritional properties as well as the potential to activate metabolic responses that accelerate the detoxification and prevent weight gain. The TCM Detox cuisine is conceived as a lifelong diet. It contains everything that, according to scientific findings, should be included in a healthy nutrition.

Experience outstanding delicacies at the Hotel Post Bezau and send us your non-binding request.