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Culture and regional craftsmanship in Vorarlberg

A rush of culture in the Bregenz Forest

Museums in Vorarlberg

Manual craftsmanship and architecture

Discover the art of manual craftsmanship in Vorarlberg. Nowhere else in Europe is there such a density of crafts and skilled trades businesses. Vorarlberg crafts have made a name for themselves with their elegant and purposeful products far beyond the borders.

A house of manual craftsmanship

In Andelsbuch, just a few minutes from Bezau by car, a house dedicated to Bregenz Forest crafts and skilled trades has been built. It was initiated by Werkraum Bregenz Forest, a cooperation programme established by local skilled trades businesses.

Learn more about the unique architecture of the Bregenz Forest. If anyone were to make a ranking of the most significant world architecture regions, Vorarlberg would definitely earn one of the first ten places. Something like this is only possible in a place like here where architecture is valued and every fourth residential building is planned by architects. Hotel Post is happy to organise a guided tour for you.

Large selection of cheese

Cheese and cuisine

Käsestraße (cheese street) is not a street in the traditional sense, but instead a group of experts from various disciplines. The members organise event all year, provide invitations to tastings and dedicate themselves to the secrets of cheese production. From the Cheese Cellar in Lingenau to the dairy school run by Ingo Metzler.

Museums and knowledge

Insights into the history, culture and artistic work are provided by lively museums and exhibitions in Vorarlberg. From the Juppenmuseum in Riefensberg to the Heimat Museum in Schwarzenberg or the Kunsthaus in Bregenz. We are happy to provide you with a list of the loveliest and most interesting events.

Experience the cultural offerings of the Bregenz Forest. Send your no-obligation room enquiry to the staff of Hotel Post in Bezau who will promptly answer you with a corresponding offer.