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Detox Cuisine at the Spa Hotel

TCM Detox Cuisine at Hotel Post in Bezau

Detox diet and cuisine in spa hotel in Vorarlberg, Austria

A conscious diet according to the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and latest findings in nutritional science.

One of the most important pillars of a healthy life is the beneficial effect of a health-conscious diet. The nutritional principles of our TCM Detox Cuisine in Hotel Post Bezau, which are based on Traditional Chinese Medicin (TCM), support the body’s own cleansing mechanisms and rectify the damage of metabolic disorders.

As a guest in Hotel Post Bezau, you have the opportunity to enjoy TCM Detox Cuisine for an additional charge, if you take our Post Premium Board. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Healthy enjoyment in a 4 star Superior Hotel

Our Head Chef Stefan Jazbec and his team are aware of the significance of proper and healthy nutrition. Guests who wish to reduce weight, actively lower their stress levels and increase their general well-being can make use of the beneficial effect of the TCM Detox Cuisine during their stay in the Bregenz Forest.

The nutritional principles, which are based on TCM, support the body’s own cleansing mechanisms and initiates the cleansing, harmonising processes in the body. Furthermore, the glycaemic index is called on as an important measure to determine the effect of foodstuff on the blood sugar level and thereby regulates the metabolic process. A course of special teas made of Chinese herbs which we offer in Hotel Post provides additional support during detoxification.

Detoxification at the Spa Hotel Post in Vorarlberg, Austria

Premium Board with TCM Detox Cuisine

The TCM Detox Cuisine supports the cleansing, detoxification and deacidification of the body and connective tissue and can further support weight loss. This cuisine, which is rich in energy and easily digestible, combines health with pleasure. A series of foodstuff supports the body’s own detoxification and, with its low glycaemic index, ensures a slow and overall lower increase of the glycaemic curve. This has the advantage that the body produces less insulin. The body-own hormone insulin is responsible for the somatic cells to take on blood glucose. At the same time, it favours the development of subcutaneous fat and prevents the body from breaking down adipose reserves. A high production of insulin can increase the appetite – these are all effects that rather support weight gain.   

For breakfast, we offer you easily digestible foods such as warm cereal muesli, vegetable broth and freshly pressed juices. Special teas support the detoxification process.

Lunch and dinner are based on a selection of foodstuff from every food category: carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The selections takes into account the nutritional properties as well as the potential to activate metabolic responses that accelerate the detoxification and prevent weight gain.

All dishes are prepared à la minute by our kitchen team.


Enjoy the TCM detox cuisine at Hotel Post and increase your physical comfort. The team of the 4 star Superior Hotel in Bezau is looking forward to your stay. If you still need a room, you are welcome to send us your non-binding holiday enquiry.