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TCM Detox Cuisine at the Bregenz Forest Hotel

TCM detox cuisine at Hotel Post Bezau

Healthy nutrition and detox at Hotel Post in Austria

Nutrition as medicine

The most important component of TCM Detox treatments is the diet, which initiates the cleansing, harmonising processes in the body. Nutrition is seen as medicine according to Chinese teachings. Every form of diet is supposed to be perfectly balanced and not one-sided. A healthy diet is primarily based on a selection of food from every food category: carbohydrates, fats and proteins. This selection is made in consideration of nutritional properties as well as of the potential to cause metabolic responses. Thus, weight gain as well as cardiovascular risk factors can be prevented.

The basis of all is the TCM Detox cuisine that comprises breakfast, lunch and dinner. Essential for the treatment is a detoxification for long-term health and regeneration of the body as well as a positive reaction of the organism to the treatment. 

Effective detoxification

TCM Detox Cuisine is an effective form of purification and detoxification of the body. With TCM Detox, you have three warm meals a day consisting of a great deal of fresh vegetables, herbs, light soups and healthy carbohydrates. The dishes ensure a constant blood-glycose level.

There are a series of foods that support the body’s elimination of toxins. The body is deacidified through alkaline-oriented food that ensures a balanced insulin level. It eases the elimination of fats and the toxins stored in them.

Herbal teas, ginger water, juices and alkaline vegetable broths additionally support the detoxification process. Everything is lovingly prepared for your by our kitchen team. TCM detox cuisine is diverse, enriching and stimulating.


Detox treatment and cuisine at spa hotel in Vorarlberg

TCM detox cuisine at Hotel Post in the Bregenz Forest

While staying at Hotel Post, you can discover the beneficial effect of targeted nutrition for yourself. You do not have to refrain from indulgence as everything is freshly prepared by our trained kitchen staff and served as part of the Post Premium Board.

Our TCM detox cuisine supports the cleansing, detoxification and deacidification of the body and the connective tissue. The primary focus is placed on a natural diet rich in active ingredients based on the nutritional rules of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the selection of foodstuff according to nutritional-physiological properties and metabolic potential.

We look forward to your visit! If you still need a room, you are welcome to send us your non-binding booking enquiry.