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Detox at the Spa Hotel in Vorarlberg

Detox treatment at Hotel Post Bezau, Bregenz Forest

Detox diet on spa and wellness holidays in Austria

Inner cleansing according to the rules of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Our bodies are severely strained by stress, unbalanced diets and environmental factors. Anyone seeking to maintain their health, comfort and attractiveness should regularly do something to combat these negative effects. TCM detox is the ideal way to free the entire body from oversaturation and toxins. Inner cleansing relieves the body, the metabolism is stimulated, the immune system is strengthened and the complexion is clarified.

TCM detox treatment at Hotel Post Bezau

The TCM Detox programme was developed at the Hotel Post by Susanne Kaufmann and a team of general practitioner specialized in Chinese medicine. Traditional medicine is an essential part of the wellness and health programme at the Hotel Post Bezau for many years. This also includes a through diagnostic according to TCM as a base for your personal diet- and therapy plan.

Spa & detox programme at Hotel Post Bezau

TCM Detox Programmes:

  • TCM Detox Signature Treatment (10 days)
    The TCM Detox programme at the Hotel Post is designed around a treatment duration of 10 days. The longer you can arrange your stay the more sustainable will be the success. Based on the therapy strategy and your personal needs the 10-day TCM Detox Signature treatment is advisable for a long-term regeneration success.
  • TCM Detox Signature Treatment (7 days)
    The TCM Detox Treatment forms the basis of your stay. The TCM physician has the possibility to create a therapy strategy based on your state of health, individual needs and personal targets.
  • TCM Detox Signature Treatment (4 days)
    For a long-lasting therapy success, we advise to see your TCM physician on a regular basis. During your four-day stay, we control your state of health and customize your therapy strategy for the home.
  • TCM Detox Signature Treatment (4 days)
    For anyone who would like to get acquainted with the topic of TCM Detox, we offer a four-day introductory package.
Spa Detox at Hotel Post in Vorarlberg, Austria

TCM detox cuisine

The TCM Detox Cuisine is a modern diet to detoxify and purify, to prevent overweight and help with metabolic disorder. A series of foods supports the body’s own detoxification. Besides that, the diet is adjusted to sugar- and starch reduced food to balance the blood glucose level.

The TCM Detox cuisine is conceived as a lifelong diet. It contains everything that, according to scientific findings, should be included in a healthy nutrition.


TCM Detox Treatments at Hotel Post Bezau

TCM detox treatments

As an accompaniment to the treatment, you will also receive specific TCM detox applications, including therapeutic whole body massages, peelings, foot reflexology, lymphatic drainage and medicinal baths. The treatments support the cleansing of the liver, kidneys, skin and lungs and stimulate the metabolism as well as the entire body.

The elimination of toxins via the skin is supported and the overall energy flow is improved. This gives the skin a refreshed appearance and firms the connective tissue and contours.

Holistic exercises at Hotel Post Bezau

TCM detox movements

Professionally led Qigong exercises are part of the TCM detox treatment. These are easily learned body positions that are combined with breathing exercises. They help to bring your body into an energised state.

You will be comprehensively trained in Qigong technique during your stay so that you can also practise it later at home. As a supplement, you can also participate in yoga classes. We of course also offer wonderful walks and outstanding hikes in the nature of the Bregenz Forest.

Susanne Kaufmann organic treats detox products

TCM detox products

A TCM detox treatment is the perfect start to a healthy lifestyle. To supplement this, there are a series of productions available from the Susanne Kaufmann line. These include:

Increase your physical comfort with a detox treatment at Hotel Post. If you still need a room, you are welcome to send us your non-binding booking enquiry. We look forward to your visit.