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Enjoy Detox and TCM in Vorarlberg

Getting fit in the spring with TCM detox cuisine

Detox diet and TCM at spa hotel in the Bregenz Forest

Let your food be your medicine

Hotel Post Bezau desires to offer a holistic approach to the sustainable improvement of nutrition and the associated metabolic processes and comfort. The TCM detox concept at Hotel Post Bezau is intended for everyone who seeks to maintain a healthy diet and physical well-being despite a stressful lifestyle. It is for everyone who also sees food as medicine that is essential for a healthy, beautiful body. The life energy throughout the entire body is stimulated and helped to flow.

TCM and nutrition

The primary focus is placed on a natural diet rich in active ingredients on the basis of fresh ingredients based on the nutrition rules of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This rich in energy and easily digestible cuisine combines health with pleasure. There are a series of foods that supports the body’s own detoxification process. Dishes such as the specially prepared rice congee bind stored harmful substances and help to remove them from the body. Herbal teas, ginger water and alkaline vegetable broths provide additional support for the detoxification process.

Vacation in the Bregenz Forest

Diagnosis and treatment plan

The beginning features the basic diagnosis by the TCM doctors or therapists and  the development of a treatment plan. This will be specially tailored to your needs and is based on the diagnosis of the doctors or therapists The scope of the treatment can be jointly coordinated with the therapists in the spa based upon your wishes and then wonderfully integrated within your daily routine.

Specific applications

In the Susanne Kaufmann spa of Hotel Post Bezau, you will find special applications that support your TCM Detox treatment. Ultrasound treatments and massages support the detoxification process of the body, alkaline baths help the body to deacidify, promote the drainage of toxins and release blocked energies. In the basis diagnosis by a therapist, an individual treatment plan can be created that will deal specifically with your problems.

Book your detox and TCM treatment now at Hotel Post in Bezau, in the Bregenz Forest. The staff of Hotel Post look forward to answering your no-obligation booking enquiry with a corresponding offer.