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29.01.2018 - Hotel


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It`s time for some questions with @SusanneKaufmann.

We regularly collect your questions on our social media channels and want to answer them in this blog post. On Instagram @susannekaufmann_ and @hotelpostbezau or on Facebook under Susanne Kaufmann and Hotel Post Bezau you can ask us your questions. Just use the following hashtag: #AskSusanne

Question: What advice and products do you recommend for men to use when they are just starting to get into skincare and want a simple routine they can keep on top? #AskSusanne
Answer: We have developed our M care line especially for male skin. Here, the focus lies on ingredients effective for skin regeneration, anti-inflammatory and moisturization. This is why products contain ingredients such as witch hazel, extract of the green apple and broccoli oil.
For men elimination of environmental pollution is very important. That’s why an effective cleansing product like our M Cleansing Gel, which you can use twice a day, is extremely important. When it comes to facial care, our Moisture Gel M is perfect. In winter for additional protection or as a special night care I recommend our Regeneration Cream M. For the thinner skin around the eye area, we have specifically developed the Eye Gel M. Men are more prone to swollen eyes, so eye creams should be light and cooling (keep your eye gel in the fridge!).

Question: What products do you recommend for those living in polluted cities and other areas prone to harsh weather conditions on the skin? #AskSusanne
Answer: For all city dwellers, I recommend a combination of the cleansing gel and clarifying tonic: Our cleansing gel is particularly mild due to the contained sugar surfactant, but removes any pollution thoroughly. Since we always cleanse our face with water, remaining residues such as lime are common. A toner is especially important in order to cleanse the skin thoroughly. Our tonic contains a light plant-based alcohol, which disinfects but does not dry out. As an extra care I recommend the enzyme peeling, which provides some deeper cleansing. The light fruit acid component, cleanses the skin physically, that is, the enzymes attach to the top layer of skin / dead skin cells and dissolve them. The contained fruit acid is a mixture of green apple and menthol, which provides some extra skin refreshment.
In March we are also introducing one of our new ampoules, which acts specifically against anti-pollution: our vitamin C ampoules, which can be used as a special treatment twice a year.

Question: What do you recommend for people who suffer from acne / breakouts, but are also worried about aging? #AskSusanne
Answer: As a special treatment, two to three times a week the combination of our Active Agent Concentrate clarifying and the healing earth mask. Apply the concentrate under the mask. As a daily care, the Active Agent Concentrate is also ideal. After cleansing, apply to the areas prone to impurities and then use the Facial Fluid A. The fluid stimulates cell regeneration and collagen formation, while the active agent concentrate simultaneously fights impurities. This combination can also be used twice a day.

Question: What’s the best way to look after the skin on your décolletage and neck? #AskSusanne
Answer: In our treatments as well as with all Susanne Kaufmann™ products we do not differentiate between the facial skin and the care for neck and décolleté. The “large face” (face, neck and décolleté) is cared for with the same products, which include tonic, serums, masks and sunscreen.

Question: I have an oily scalp and I use the Repair shampoo and conditioner. Is it helpful to scrub your scalp when using these? Do you have/would you produce products for oily scalps? #AskSusanne
Answer: Our shampoos and conditioners are primarily used as hair care products. For the scalp we would recommend the Hair Elixir. This is a real multi-tasking product which balances the pH level on your scalp due to its alkaline base. Choosing products with the right pH level is important to regulate the skin’s oil production and moisture balance.

Question: Are you planning on releasing a perfume for the brand? #AskSusanne
Answer: Yes, our product development team is currently working on a Susanne Kaufmann™ scent. We look forward to surprising you with what we’ve got in store this year.

Question: Would you ever make a BB cream? #AskSusanne
Answer: Possibly. It’s not at the top of our list of current product development projects but we’re always thinking about our next steps.

Questions: Your couperose serum is the only product that has ever helped my rosacea! What other remedies or products do you recommend for those of us suffering from rosacea? #AskSusanne
Answer: For some targeted skincare we recommend our Enzyme Peel as it is very gentle, even to sensitive skin. In addition to the Active Agent Concentrate Couperose we recommend using the Susanne Kaufmann™ Calming Mask twice a week to complement your current skincare routine.

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