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12.07.2018 - Cosmetics


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It`s time for some questions with @SusanneKaufmann.

We regularly collect your questions on our social media channels and want to answer them in this blog post. On Instagram @susannekaufmann_ and @hotelpostbezau or on Facebook under Susanne Kaufmann and Hotel Post Bezau can you ask us your questions. Just use the following hashtag #AskSusanne

I’m always told I need to be conscious of sun damage, especially in the summer, but I always love getting a bronzed glow… What’s the best way to protect my skin but still maintain a nice tan? #AskSusanne

Sunscreen is indeed very important and unfortunately often neglected. In addition to a special cream for the body, we also recommend a face cream with a slightly higher SPF. Including a moisturizing serum, such as the Susanne Kaufmann Hyaluron Serum Moisturizing. Because, well-moisturized skin will last longer the tan. Also important for a smooth and long-lasting complexion: scrubs. Here we recommend our Detox Oil Scrub that gently removes dead skin cells through its oil content and smallest scrub particles, without taking off the tan. After a peeling best apply a body oil that pampers the skin even more. Apply the oil to the damp skin, that means dab gently after showering and do not rub completely dry. Our tip: Susanne Kaufmann Resculpting Oil that in addition to its nourishing properties also strengthens the connective tissue.

When I’m stressed, I have trouble maintaining a healthy diet routine, and I worry that that will affect my skin and cause breakouts and change in texture. How can I keep my skin healthy even if my eating habits may sometimes vary? #AskSusanne

When we are stress it often comes to blemishes. It is best to use a combination of clarifying and soothing products, such as the Enzyme Peel and Healing Earth Mask. Use this twice a week to help maintain a fresh complexion.

My under-eyes are super sensitive—even more so when tired. Is there a specific ingredient or product line I should look for that can help soothe and moisturise my under-eyes? #AskSusanne

Yes, there is a helper. Our Eye Cream Line T contains evening primrose oil, which is especially good for sensitive skin. Evening primrose oil stabilizes the lipid protection and the moisture balance of the skin, has anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

What’s the best non-invasive tip for anti-ageing? Facial Massage? #AskSusanne

Drink plenty of water and smoothies with beetroot, which is high in antioxidants and a true anti-aging secret weapon. In addition, you should take good care of your fascia in the face, here we recommend especially Face Yoga and solid massages. As a result, the muscles are relaxed or activated and the face tightened.

What is the best skincare routine for your mid-late 20s? #AskSusanne

This totally depends on the skin type. But a gently cleansing at the morning and at night is always very important as well as enough moisture in the care products. Also, you should work in your mid-late 20s preventively against premature aging of the skin, which means, use products with anti-aging ingredients. Often underestimated, but immensely important: the correct and regular use of eye cream.

What is the best way to reduce cellulite? #AskSusanne

Unfortunately, there is not a miracle cure for cellulite. It is important to eat healthy, especially a lot of vegetables. Rather reduce fruits, as they contain a sometimes very high fructose level. Little meat and sausage, no alcohol and nicotine. Pay attention to healthy carbohydrates and, above all, a lot of drinking. This stimulates the lymphatic system. An activation of the lymphatic flow helps to carry off accumulated fluid in the tissue better. In addition, a lot of exercise is essential: Our fitness experts at the Hotel Post Bezau recommend a good mix of strength, endurance and stretching. Another tip from our spa: Wolfort Shape-Wear or Powerlegs in combination with our Anti-Aging Body Serum. Simply apply the serum, put on your leggings and go to sports.

Top 5 products to make buying into the brand easier – that everyone should have? #AskSusanne

Cleansing Gel, Tonic Soothing, Nutrient Concentrate skin soothing, Eye cream Line A, Face Fluid Line F

What are your absolute no no’s for people with highly sensitive skin? (food, product or techniques) #AskSusanne

A no-go is too spicy and too greasy food. For treatments they should be careful that the massages are not too strong and stimulating, a better option would be a lymphatic drainage. For products, we would advise against anti-aging products, such as our Intensive Active Ingredient Serum Line A. The active ingredients are too concentrated here and could irritate extremely sensitive skin. You should also avoid strong scrubs.

Eyecream (is eye cream actually more effective than your regular moisturiser, how do I choose eyecream) #AskSusanne

A normal moisturizer is definitely not enough, as an eye cream is much more effective. The structure of the cream is structured differently and developed especially for the thin, sensitive eye area. The right eye cream is chosen according to the condition of the skin: for a dry eye area use our Eye Cream Line T, for puffy eyes the Eye Fluid Line F and as an anti-aging care we recommend the Eye Cream Line A

Are there special ways to apply cream around the eyes? #AskSusanne

We recommend a gentle fascia massage around the eye area. This helps against swelling and prepares the eyes optimally for the subsequent care. Did you know that all our eye creams can also be applied to the upper lid?

How often should one have a facial? #AskSusanne

We recommend every 6 to 8 weeks and every 4 weeks with skin impurities.

What does Toner do and I should I bother using it? #AskSusanne

Toner is the last step in your cleansing regime. It removes the limescale from tap water and neutralizes the ph value of the skin. When applying serums or concentrates, make sure that the skin is still slightly moist, as this allows the active ingredients to better absorb the subsequent care.

I would like to know what you recommend for milia? #AskSusanne

If you have milia you definitely visit a cosmetician. Patients should not treat this type of skin problem alone at home. For removal of milia or even in preparation for a cosmetic treatment you should worked with steam in any case, to open the pores. As a follow-up for at home we recommend our Healing Earth Mask as well as the Tonic Clarifying.

I have acne-prone skin in the chin area. Of course, this is especially the case in the second half of the cycle. Which products are particularly suitable for the treatment? #AskSusanne

Steaming opens the pores. We recommend to use our Enzyme Peel while steaming. Apply this and steam about 7 minutes. Thereafter, apply our Tonic Clarifying selectively and then Healing Earth Mask and let work this combination overnight. Cucumber extract and corn oil ensure that the mask does not dry out and that it can be left to soak on the skin a little longer.

I have an oily scalp and I use the Repair shampoo and conditioner. Is it helpful to scrub your scalp when using these? Do you have/ would you produce products for oily scalps? #AskSusanne

Our shampoos and conditioners are primarily used as hair care products. For the scalp we would recommend the Hair Elixir. This is a real multi-tasking product which balances the pH level on your scalp due to its alkaline base. Choosing products with the right pH level is important to regulate the skin’s oil production and moisture balance.

Would you ever make a BB cream? #AskSusanne

Possibly. It’s not at the top of our list of current product development projects but we’re always thinking about our next steps.

Are you planning on releasing a perfume for the brand? #AskSusanne

Yes, our product development team is currently working on a Susanne Kaufmann scent. We look forward to surprising you with what we’ve got in store this year.

Your couperose serum is the only product that has ever helped my rosacea! What other remedies or products do you recommend for those of us suffering from rosacea? #AskSusanne

For some targeted skincare we recommend our Enzyme Peel as it is very gentle, even to sensitive skin. In addition to the Active Agent Concentrate Couperose we recommend using the Susanne Kaufmann Calming Mask twice a week to complement your current skincare routine.


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