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28.08.2018 - Cosmetics

The benefits of “rolling”.

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Why the Jaderoller should not be missing in our facials.

Jade is a greenish gem that has played a magical role in thousands of different cultures around the world for centuries. In the form of a facial massage roller the Jade stone is now conquering bathrooms and treatment cabins. What is the secret behind it?

Mysticism. In China, due to rich deposits, a veritable Jade culture was developed. It found its culmination there in artistry, ethics, philosophy and the mythology surrounding the stone. Jade is one of the toughest materials in the world and can only be cut with a diamond. Therefore, a special protective function is attributed to the stone. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Jade is used to detoxify and strengthen the filter and cleansing systems of the human organism.

Cosmetics. We use the Jaderoller in our Advanced Anti-Aging Treatments. The massaging effect of the cool Jade stone helps to stimulate blood circulation and the metabolic processes in the skin and to encourage the lymphatic flow. Especially puffiness around the eye area can be visibly reduced. The Jade crystal feels cool and calming on the skin, as a result, pores contract and the complexion looks finer after treatment. Ultimately resulting is a firm and rosy looking healthy skin.

Our tip: If you want to use the Jaderoller at home, always place it in the center of the face and stroke / roll horizontally outwards. To treat the area around the eyes, place the roller under the eye next to the bridge of the nose and also roll horizontally towards the temple. For a rapid reduction of swelling around the eye area or for a small ""emergency treatment"" put the roller in the refrigerator for a few hours before use."

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