The cycle closes with the most important aspect: rest, recovery, and sleep – because detoxification occurs even at night. Sleep labs and detox rooms address the issues help the body to learn how to shut down for optimal regeneration of the detoxification organs.

Regenerating during sleeping

Samina Detox Sleep Rooms

For the best regeneration and promotion of detoxification processes in the body, we have set up special detox rooms.

  • Mattresses for diagonal sleep promote better supply of the muscles with oxygen
  • The natural rubber mattresses support the microcirculation and the fascia detoxification
  • The bio-active sheep's wool in cushions, cushions and blankets supports the detoxification of the skin.
  • Foot baths with base salt promote better sleep

Scientific sleep system


Selected rooms at the Hotel Post are equipped with the exclusive Samina sleeping system. It takes into account all bioenergetic and orthopedic requirements for the highest possible sleep quality and is an invaluable source of deep regeneration.