Bregenzerwald - source of power

Rolling hills adjacent to rugged peaks, vast meadows and rare plant life framed by cultivated land, the smell of homegrown herbs complementing that of colorful flora. Here, unspoilt, diverse, and rich are so much more than descriptive buzzwords, but a source of power for the body.

The retreat


For those who don’t want to commit themselves to one focus, the discovery retreat offers insights into what we do and why we do things differently. All this combined with plenty of flexibility regarding treatments, workouts, and enjoyment.

Each chapter of my career as a hotel owner and as a pioneer of natural skin care, have been co-written and inspired by my home the Bregenzerwald.

Susanne Kaufmann

Source of inspiration


The diversity of the Bregenzerwald influences the approach of the Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne and the Susanne Kaufmann cosmetics in a positive and demanding way. Naturalness, authenticity, quality and the combination of tradition and modernity can be found in both brands as trend-setting element.