Movement & Impact

The impacts of regular exercise on the entire organism are pretty complex. Physical activity is about so much more than just fat burning, weight loss goals, or muscle building. Our personal trainers concentrate on the human body as a whole unit – the focus is on prevention and highly-effective exercise sequences. In this way, the entire movement system can benefit from more stability and flexibility.


Julian Kleinheinz

Julian Kleinheinz is a highly qualified sports scientist, nutrition expert, and athletics specialist. As a personal trainer and health coach, he is adept at returning the body to a state of all-round health and fitness. Prevention and a long-term perspective are an integral part of what he does, through programmes which promote not only physical fitness but mental strength and a new-found confidence.



The first part of the coaching is the bodycheck, developed by Julian especially for Hotel Post Bezau by Suanne Kaufmann. On the basis of this analysis, Julian works with our fitness guests on a comprehensive exercise and nutrition plan. Along with these effective and impactful workouts, long-term changes to entrenched habits are also decisive.