Physical activity plays a key role in preventing various disorders or illnesses; regular exercise keeps the body and its systems performing as well as possible, and brings stillness to the mind. In this way, keeping fit is a big contributor to both physical and mental wellbeing – now and into the future.

Our weekly changing

Activity programme

Our activity programme changes on a daily basis, meaning there’s something new for every guest. The programme takes in everything from how to get the best start to the day, to maximising your sleep quality, to energy boosts through various sport and relaxation techniques. As well as this, our detox and food experts provide valuable insider tips which will remain with you long after your stay with us. Excursions into the Bregenzerwald and special spa and tea ceremonies are also a part of our activity programmes.


The bodycheck is a way of gaining valuable initial insights into the fitness of participants. Short tests such as the Functional Movement Screen help our experts get an idea of guest’s starting point. At the same time, individual training goals are discussed, upon which an appropriate training plan is developed. Then, based on this preliminary work, the Susanne Kaufmann Spa assigns the right individual treatments.


Personal and in-house training

Exercise is one of our cornerstones for improving guests’ movement capacities and helping establish their inner balance. These preventative or fitness goals are overseen every step of the way by our highly qualified sports experts. As sports scientists and nutrition professionals, they have a comprehensive understanding of the various interconnections contributing to all-round health.

All you need for your health

Even without a personal training programme you can do your health a world of good while here: our fitness studio is open 24 hours a day. There you’ll find an inexhaustible array of the very latest training equipment. Meanwhile, our 16-metre swimming pool is at your disposal, and tennis fans can look forward to a match on our very own courts.