Moving in the nature

Our guided walks practice conscious breathing. The aim is to mobilize the energy reserves in the body, reduce stress and stimulate the detoxification of the body. In addition, the daily activity program Yoga, Qi gong under the guidance of experts. In the bodycheck, we show weaknesses and provide guidance for improvement.



Individual Bodycheck

When it comes to skin aging, there are two main stress points that you should loosen and move: one is the superficial fascia and the other is the lymphatic system. In the bodycheck, we analyse your posture and tensions, because only a flexible body allows the lymphatic system to flow and free fascia can improve the appearance of the skin.

Massage and yoga

Face Yoga

Bespoke massage and yoga techniques are an all-round workout that helps lift and tone the facial muscles. But beyond that, a deeper healing starts: while face yoga sets in the entire nervous system of well-being and makes worry lines disappear.