Holistic Beauty

When we feel healthy and well, it is also reflected in our complexion. "Holistic Beauty" is the name of a new retreat at Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann. We see beauty in a holistic way. In our three- to seven-day retreats you will learn how the skin with healthy nutrition, the appropriate care and exercise will look healthy and beautiful.

Beautiful skin


What is the secret of beautiful skin? Genes are often credited with great importance. Yes, these are certainly a good base, but a suitable, appropriate to the age and skin type care and treatments can create even skin conditions even with challenging skin, improve the complexion and strengthen the skin structure in the long term.

Our idea was to create a space where wellbeing stood in the foreground. We wanted to offer a holistic and clean approach that placed prevention as the focal point of health.

Susanne Kaufmann & Stephanie Rist

Move and let go


Holistic Beauty also means physical exercise - active as well as passive. Guided walks through the nature of the Bregenzerwald, guided breathing techniques, yoga or qi gong, but also facial yoga exercises strengthen the muscle tone of the face and body. During treatments, massage techniques support muscle stimulation and strengthening.

Beauty knowledge


The goal is clear: in order to regenerate in the long term, the skin needs well-founded treatments, proper nutrition and continuous exercise. Hotel Director Stephanie Rist, TCM practitioner Brigitte Klett and Susanne Kaufmann have launched Holistic Beauty and contributed all their expertise.