The notion of “beauty sleep” is no longer a myth but a fact: while we’re sleeping, our body secretes a growth hormone responsible for skin regeneration. If we get a bad sleep or our deep sleep phases are disturbed, this becomes evident in paler or drier skin, or eye circles. In the long-term, the skin can become thinner and wrinkles appear.

The impacts and regenerative functions of a good sleep go far beyond visible signs alone. For this reason, getting a healthy sleep is an integral part of our Holistic Beauty Retreats.

Evening ritual

Foot Bath


A warm foot bath before turning in is a time-honoured way of relaxing and slowing down the mind. It also happens to be through the feet where the strongest detoxification takes place. The Susanne Kaufmann Alkali Salts are ideal for this deacidification process, promoting the draining of impurities and releasing any blocked energies. Try them out! The alkali salts are available for you in all our rooms.

Supporting a good sleep

Pillow Bar

The right pillow is also a decisive factor in getting a good night’s sleep. At our Samina Pillow Bar you can find pillows of all shapes and sizes, each differentiated by their design and filling materials. From spine relief to anti-aging effects, they each fulfil a range of different functions