Human Design Retreat

Our Human Design Retreat is tailored to those seeking to increase their vitality through valuable self-knowledge and greater self-awareness. Holistic Health Coach & Human Design Mentor Kirsten Kallman will skillfully show you how to create more personal alignment based on your authentic nature. The goal: to use your genetic design to create more effective habits and strategies for more ease and flow.

The programme

Human Design Retreat from 1910€

  • 3 nights with Detox cuisine
  • 1 x Human Design Reading with Holistic Health Coach Kirsten Kallman, pre-retreat via Zoom
  • 3 x individual coaching sessions
  • 1 x foot reflex zone massage with a valerian foot bath (60min)
  • 2 x yoga sessions
  • 1 x journal 
  • 1 x individual coaching, post-retreat via Zoom

Discover the Retreat

Holistic Health Coach

Kirsten Kallman

Kirsten Kallman is a Holistic Health Coach and Human Design Mentor. She shows others how to create more ease based on their bodies’ individual and very unique needs. It is her personal experience and deepest belief that self-awareness is the path to self-acceptance and true self-love. It is only when you understand who you are that you can finally stop trying to be someone else.

Human Design

Your individual blueprint for life is hidden in each of your cells. Your DNA is your distinct and immutable design. The Human Design System combines astrology, I Ching, chakra theory and Kabbalah with the new sciences of astronomy, genetics, biochemistry and quantum physics.


Holistic approach

HOTEL POST BEZAU’s Human Design Retreat is a combination of Human Design Coaching, yoga, a customized menu as well as treatments in our Susanne Kaufmann Spa BEZAU. Come and experience this life-changing holistic retreat surrounded by the breathtakingly beautiful Bregenzerwald.


The goal

Self-awareness. Individuality

Authenticity is based on self-understanding and is the pre-requisite for a creative and fulfilled life. Communication becomes clear and respectful, relationships improve and even health issues can often resolve themselves when stress levels decrease as a natural result of greater self-awareness and self-compassion.