Human Design Retreat (3 nights) from 1910€

24 - 27 April 2023

Human Design Retreat (3 nights) from 1910€

Authenticity is based on self-understanding and is the pre-requisite for a creative and fulfilled life. Communication becomes clear and respectful, relationships improve and even health issues can often resolve themselves when stress levels decrease as a natural result of greater self-awareness and self-compassion. 

Human Design. Your individual blueprint for life is hidden in each of your cells. Your DNA is your distinct and immutable design. The Human Design System combines astrology, I Ching, chakra theory and Kabbalah with the new sciences of astronomy, genetics, biochemistry and quantum physics.

The goal. To use your genetic design to create more effective habits and strategies for more ease and flow.

The programme:

  • 3 nights with Detox cuisine
  • 1 x Human Design Reading with Holistic Health Coach Kirsten Kallman, pre-retreat via Zoom
  • 3 x individual coaching sessions
  • 1 x foot reflex zone massage with a valerian foot bath (60min)
  • 2 x yoga sessions
  • 1 x journal 
  • 1 x individual coaching, post-retreat via Zoom

Minimum of persons: 4


Cost for the 1st person / 2nd person / 3 nights
Single Rooms 1910 € -
Double Room Westhouse 1991 € 1856 €
Premium Double Rooms Mainhouse 1991 € 1856 €
Samina Detox Sleep Room 2087 € 1952 €
Junior Suites 2123 € 1967 €
Deluxe Double Room 2123 € 1967 €
Suite 2273 € 2108 €

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