Yoga retreat with Kathleen Kloss (4 days) Dec

06 - 10 December 2019

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Yoga retreat with Kathleen Kloss (4 days) Dec

Peace can be found within and tapping into your inner realm allows for clarity, lightness and a deep connection with yourself. Kathleen Kloss is a certified yoga teacher, yoga therapist and specializes in holistic bodywork. Kathleen Kloss' yoga practice is dynamic, energizing and wholesome at the same time. She combines the practices of yoga and reflection with modalities that encourage inner healing purify and calm the central nervous system.

The 4-days-yoga-package includes:

  • 4 overnight stays with light Yoga Cuisine
  • 8 yoga units à 90 minutes for beginners or advanced students
  • A pot of ginger water daily

Minimum number: 10 persons

Cost for the 1st person / 2nd person / 4 nights / Arrival on Fri
Single Rooms 1210 € -
Double Room Westhouse 1330 € 1210 €
Premium Double Rooms Mainhouse 1330 € 1210 €
Samina Detox Sleep Room 1430 € 1310 €
Junior Suites 1450 € 1330 €
Deluxe Double Room 1450 € 1330 €
Suite 1610 € 1490 €

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