Pilates Retreats

Pilates is a method of a whole-body training that strengthens the body’s musculature system, in particular the abdomen, the back, pelvis, and legs. It benefits include improved flexibility, balance, and posture. As part of the three or five-day retreats, the exercises aim to complete coordination of the mind, body, and spirit.


Pilates trainer

Patricia Lipburger-Rehm

The retreat is led by instructor Patricia Lipburger. For 20 years, Lipburger has not only promoted Pilates’ physical and mental benefits. She understands it as a way to develop a more conscious and healthier lifestyle.

Precision and focus

Pilates Retreat

The program at Hotel Post Bezau is divided into several sessions during the day. In the morning the focus is on breathing techniques, before moving on to exercises in the afternoon. Pilates, whether on a mat or equipment, requires precision and focus. It asks people to move in intricate ways, which helps nurture brain activity and intellectual acuity.

Joseph Hubert Pilates

Health and Vitality

Pilates was named after its creator Joseph Hubert Pilates. He developed the program in the 1920s to aid injured soldiers. His goal was never to achieve lean muscles or flat abs, but to see the human body as a total package of health and vitality.