The Retreat

In close cooperation with SANCTUM and our in-house experts, we have developed a completely new program: The Post Bezau x Sanctum Retreat Re(invented): 

Body (Re)set | Mind (Re)calibration | Nature (Re)connection 

Rebalance your body and mind with our new 3-nights POST BEZAU x SANCTUM retreat. Intensive SANCTUM sessions accompanied by the power of music, holistic treatments in our Susanne Kaufmann Spa and the breathtaking nature of the Bregenzerwald await you.

  • Dates 2023 coming soon!

Our healthy concierge at Hotel Post Bezau is your contact person for questions about our programmes and helps you to plan your individual stay.

[email protected]


Body. Mind. Nature

"Our vision is to empower open-minded individuals to push their physical, mental and spiritual boundaries, to live richer lives, as a result." SANCTUM


Holistic Well-being

SANCTUM is a cathartic workout experience that empowers the body and expands the mind. A holistic moving sequence that puts in balance the physical body with the mind and the spirit. Routed in multidisciplinary forms of physical conditioning like modern fitness, HIIT workout, kundalini, martial arts, breath work and functional movement. All garnished with the most powerful carefully curated music.

The goal

The goal is not to change  you. Our goal is to re-discover and celebrate of what there already is: the whole.The result is a body & mind balance restoration, more headspace and greater self-worth. With the power of the Bregenzerwald, holistic treatments and intensive sessions for both body and mind, our retreat takes you on a journey of learning to let go while restoring your inner balance.