Kitchen philosophy

The kitchen of the Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann relies on regional sources and the principle Nose-to-Tail. Already an intelligent compilation of the menu promotes the prevention of food waste. Thus, guests are included from the beginning in the environment-friendly and health-conscious movement. The Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann wants to find a way out of the disposable culture that is often anchored in the hotel industry. 

With scarce resources in the world, these amounts of wasted food are definitely a no-go.

Susanne Kaufmann

Spring water

Zero kilometer water

No plastic bottles! No long transport routes! Zero kilometers to the nearest source of water? Since water is bottled directly at the Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann, exactly this is happening Zero kilometer water. Water is essential for a healthy lifestyle - drinking several liters a day boosts your metabolism.

Traditional cooking


Seasonality is equally linked to Hotel Post Bezau’s quintessential cuisine. Its answer to ensuring regional fare year-round? Canning. Food contents harvested during the warmer months are preserved and sealed in airtight glass containers. From mushrooms and tomatoes to strawberries and blueberries, an on-site storage offers an abundance of culinary treats year-round - without compromising taste or damaging the environment.