Gardening in Bezau

Hotel Post Bezau’s 4000-square-meter organic garden adds another dimension to the notion of farm-to-table dining: Every day, ingredients are planted and harvested opposite the hotel. In close collaboration with the kitchen team, its two young farmers host regular sessions re­volving around the art of cultivating organic produce.

Teamwork kitchen and garden

From the garden to the kitchen

The fruits, vegetables and herbs that characterize our daily menus and are the source of inspiration for the cooperation of the kitchen with the gardeners. The idea of the planting schemes is developed together before the start of the season so that efficient processing in the kitchen is guaranteed. The gardeners are also flexible enough to quickly pick up and implement new ideas or specific ingredients.

Healthy eating

Fresh ingredients

Our daily menus incorporate fresh, top-quality local ingredients to provide the body with a full spectrum of valuable proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and nutrients. At each dish, our chefs focus on the quality of calories used, not the quantity.