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The Pilates retreat at Hotel Post Bezau is an effective training system to strengthen the deep musculature of the body, which improves posture, suppleness and coordination.



Perception of the body



Pilates is a physical and mental form of training which aims at developing the whole body. The training consists of controlled stretching and strengthening exercises combined with a unique breathing technique. The goal is to find a balance between body and mind.


Patricia Lipburger-Rehm

The retreat is run by the licensed Pilates coach Patricia Lipburger-Rehm. Originating from the Bregenzerwald area, Patricia has been working with Pilates for 20 years and teaches how easy it can be to develop a suitable, healthy and above all satisfying lifestyle.



The “morning sessions” focus on breathing and technique, while functional training exercises are incorporated into the afternoons. A lot of time is spent working on the fascias, loosening any knots, tightening connective tissue and stimulating the metabolism.

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Revitalization of the body


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