Retreat Hotel Post Bezau

The hotel is a destination for discerning travelers looking to optimize their health and restore their inner balance.Our hotel concept combines the power of the Bregenzerwald, 15 years of experience in spa culture and health prevention. The goal: to create an attentive and inspiring place to experience a positive life and body change.



Fifth generation

Bezau, a place at the end of the Bregenzerwald valley is the home of the Kaufmann family and the Hotel Post Bezau. Almost 170 years ago, the "Post" was created against a backdrop of lush green meadows, rugged mountain formations and clear river water. Susanne Kaufmann has run the hotel for the fifth generation since 1994.

A reorientation was also a family decision that needed its time. One thing was clear to us from the beginning - we remain true to our roots because they give us support and strength for the new.

Susanne Kaufmann

Retreat hotel



Susanne Kaufmann and hotel director Stephanie Rist have designed a concept that focuses on the idea of spa, nutrition, sports, sleep and the power of nature in the Bregenzerwald. The retreat hotel translates this holistic approach into a concept in which physical health and well-being are at the heart of a balanced lifestyle.