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Architecture & Crafts

Practicality and the highest level of craftsmanship are characteristic of Bregenzerwald architecture, then and now. These characteristics gave rise to the simple, reduced building style known around the world.

Building material wood

Vorarlberger Wooden architecture

Wood lives, wood breathes. Wood is a building material with a long tradition, especially in Vorarlberg. Wooden architecture is the province’s poster child and has made a name for itself in timber construction architecture beyond its borders. An example of this is Hotel Post Bezau in the Bregenzerwald.

The builders in Vorarlberg

Modern architecture

If a ranking of the world’s most important architectural regions were to be prepared today, Vorarlberg would certainly feature in the top ten. This is the result of not only the beauty and importance of the regional buildings but also of the presence of many famous architects, such as Eberle, Gnaiger, Dietrich, Kaufmann or Ritsch.

Go new ways

Family tradition

The Kaufmann family is recognised as a family of well-known architects in Vorarlberg. When constructing the tennis hall, father Leopold Kaufmann made use of wood in unconventional and highly functional ways. During the later expansions at Hotel Post Bezau, brother Oskar Leo Kaufmann continued to use wood harmoniously as the dominant raw material.

A showcase for craftsmanship

The Werkraumhaus

Nowhere else in Europe is there such a density of crafts and skilled trades as in the Bregenzerwald, and a showroom known as the Werkraumhaus was built to showcase this centre of craftsmanship. Its architect swiss-born Peter Zumthor is closely connected to the region, the craft and above all the Bregenzerwald Werkraum craftsmen.