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Sports programme

The right balance between exercise and relaxation is the key to inner harmony. The sports programme offers free courses daily and challenging one-on-one training.

Inner balance


According to TCM, all of the body’s organs are connected to each other. Qigong harmonises the interaction between the organs and supports the body’s powers of self-healing. This ancient Chinese art is not about strengthening or stretching but about harmonious, energetic movements with the goal of releasing blockages.

To be in harmony


Peace, harmony, slowing down, filling up with energy and well-being - these are just some of the words that come to mind when describing yoga. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced yogi - our professional yoga instructors will address your individual needs. Yoga is part of the free sports offers at Hotel Post Bezau

Strengthening the muscles


It’s all about moving from a stable core. Precise exercises to activate the musculature in the back, trunk and pelvic floor create a balance between strength and flexibility, tension and relaxation. The Pilates training is part of the free sports programme.

Training opportunities

Fitness coaching

Everyone is different, as are the demands placed on a person’s work and private life. Your sports programme should therefore be adjusted to your needs in order to supply you with fresh power and vitality. Find your customised exercise programme with fitness coaching at Hotel Post Bezau.



From spring to autumn, mountain bikes and four e-bikes are available. We also have a selection of children's bikes, children's bike seats and cycling helmets. You are welcome to rent the e-bikes for a fee of Euro 40,00 for a whole day, or for half a day Euro 20,00 at our reception. There you will also find cycling maps, tips and ideas for tours. The rental of mountain bikes and children's bicycles is free of charge.