Yoga Retreats

The term yoga holds a multitude of dimensions. As a combination of physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation, yoga strengthens the muscles and relieves stress. Doing yoga also improves people’s flexibility and alleviates certain symptoms, such as chronic back pain. Yoga unites body and soul, physical and mental wellbeing.

Time out

Yoga Retreat

At Hotel Post Bezau, yoga is a transformative experience that has been part of its portfolio for almost two decades. Translated into three to five-day retreats, it asks guests to take breaks from their daily lives. The holistic approach of the retreat also includes nutrition, spa treatments and workshops.

Professional coaches

Yoga Trainer

At Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann we have 5 Yoga Instructors who design the daily yoga programme and retreats.

  1. Kathleen Kloss

    Mindfulness Yoga

    Learn more about our Yoga teacher Kathleen Kloss.

    Dates 2021


  2. Kristin Rübesamen

    Learn more about our Yoga teacher Kristin Rübesamen.

    Dates 20222

    Coming soon!

  3. Claudia Jochum-Breuß

  4. Bettina Dralle

    Learn more about our Yoga teacher Bettina Dralle.

    Dates 2021

  5. Gabriela Bozic

    Learn more about our Yoga teacher Gabriela Bozic.

    Dates 2021