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European Tennis Academy at Hotel Post Bezau

Tennis academy in the Bregenz Forest

European Tennis Academy

European Tennis Academy at Hotel Post Bezau

Tennis has a long tradition at Hotel Post and has always played a large role in the active programme at Hotel Post Bezau. The fresh mountain air and the wonderful panorama view of the Bregenz Forest provide an invitation for a tennis match in the summer. During the winter, the tennis court, known as one of the loveliest in all of Austria, offers two perfect courts. Professional training, premium training options, interclub preparation and mental coaching are important components of the tennis training programme at Hotel Post Bezau. And, effective immediately, also featuring the new training programme of the European Tennis Academy.

The European Tennis Academy (ETA)

With the European Tennis Academy, we have found a very successful new partner that has operated tennis courts in Austria, Switzerland and Italy since 1995 and has distinguished itself with unique training methods. The ETA primarily distinguishes itself through the training method of Mental Match Play (MMP), which is a self-coaching training programme that takes place directly on the tennis court. The ETA is the only tennis school to simply integrate the mental component within the course of everyday training. The Charlie principle (a voice in the head) creates a new relationship between the learning process and one’s own abilities, allowing learning to be a truly fun experience. The ETA offers a uniform, high-quality training programme at all locations.

Mental Match Play – coach yourself

The basis for Mental Match Play are studies conducted by the sports psychologist Kurt Wiederkehr in which the behaviour of 50,000 tennis players was examined over 15 years and scientifically evaluated. The Mental Match Play programme is a self-coaching training programme offered by the European Tennis Academy which combines the newest development in techniques and mental preparation. With experiments using noise vibrators, scientists have researched how the vibrations of music affect the body. Both sides of the brain can be specifically stimulated with music, thus increasing learning results. The music centre in the creative right side of the brain is stimulated by music, which relives the analytical left side of the brain. It becomes freer, more receptive and can also be better programmed.

In this condition, one learns movements that the body does not instinctively want to perform much more easily. This is achieved with the help of impulses for certain movements that are triggered by music. The Mental Match Play technique especially leads to a fast improvement of the ability to perform. Beginners, advanced players or competitive players also find an option for increasing their tennis capabilities within a very short time.

The European Tennis Academy offer

There is a wide range of offerings for all age groups. Youth camps, individual lessons, group lessons, family lessons, kid’s lessons, preparatory classes for interclub and national association players as well as tennis holidays for adults are offered. The ETA has a very high quality standard due to the select, professional trainer teams and the unique MMP teaching method rigorously adhered to at all locations.

MMP Weekend

  • 2 or rahter 3 overnight stays with Post Premium board
  • 4 h or rather 6 h Mental Match Play training session for 4 person
  • Free use of the tennis courts as available
  • Racquet testing with the newest Head models
from 470 € Learn more

In any weather

The in-house tennis hall with two courts is one of the loveliest in Austria. The wood construction, the perfect climate and comfortable, dampened acoustics provide an incomparable tennis experience. A carpet covering with granulate ensures joint-friendly turning and gliding. There are also two sand courts outdoors that make your game in Bezau into an unforgettable experience by the view of the Bregenz Forest.


  • Tennis court fee - indoor or outdoor Hotel Post guests € 19 / external guests € 25
  • Tennis pro instruction for 1 person (60 minutes) including court rental € 65
  • Tennis pro instruction for 2 persons (60 minutes) including court rental per person € 49

Rackets and balls are available for you at Hotel Post in Bezau (for a fee). The Tennis Academy offers you a stringing service and a large selection of strings and grip tapes.

Improve your game and enjoy the additional further benefits of Hotel Post Bezau “on the side”. We are happy to accept your enquiry and reserve a place at the European Tennis Academy for you.