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TCM Detox Movements

Exercise and wellness at spa hotel Post Bezau in Austria

Your path to new life energy

With the holistic TCM detox concept from Susanne Kaufmann, you will access more life energy and more comfort by activating your self-healing energies. One of the most important pillars in doing so is movement. The TCM detox movements concept will accompany you during your stay at Hotel Post Bezau. The programme sustainably support the TCM detox treatments and can be continued at home at any time.

Qigong Movements

Professionally led Qigong exercises are part of the TCM detox treatment. Qi means “energy” in Chinese, while gong stands for “work”. These are easily learned body positions that are combined with breathing exercises. They help to bring your body into an energised state. You will be comprehensively trained in Qigong technique during your stay so that you can also practise it later at home.

Yoga in your holidays at Hotel Post Bezau

TCM Detox Movements

As a supplement, you can also participate in yoga classes. We of course also offer wonderful walks and outstanding hikes in the nature of the Bregenz Forest as well as Kneipp applications and excursions to places of spiritual energy in the Bregenz Forest. The exercise programme at Hotel Post in Bezau offers you a great deal of diversity and is available free of charge:

  • Qigong
  • Yoga 
  • Hikes to places of spiritual energy
  • Running sessions
  • Fitness training (TRX, Sling training, Body Shaping)
  • Back training

Hotel Post Bezau offers a broad active programme for everyone looking for a more intense athletic challenge. From tennis to condition training and guided mountain tours, you will find a large selection of sporting activities for beginners, advanced athletes and professionals.

YOGA retreats at Hotel Post in Bezau

With the certified yoga instructors Kathleen Kloss and Gabriela Bozic, you have trained professionals at your side. With them and other professional yoga instructors, you have the opportunity to participate in nine “yoga retreats” per year in addition to the many yoga classes that you can attend as a guest of Hotel Post in Bezau. During these weeks, the goal is to shed the unnecessary ballast of the everyday through a combination of yoga and a conscious diet regimen.

Sufficient exercise helps you to achieve a healthy body and a satisfied spirit. Be sure to make use of the diverse active programme that is available to you year-round and increase your physical comfort at Hotel Post in Bezau.

Find new life energy in the Bregenz Forest. If you still need a room, you are welcome to send us your no-obligation booking enquiry.