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“Facial rejuvenation” - acupuncture based on Virginia Doran

“Facial rejuvenation” - acupuncture based on Virginia Doran

TCM holidays at Hotel Post Bezau

Natural face lifting with facial rejuvenation based on Virginia Doran at Hotel Post Bezau

27th April to 4th Mai 2015: The desire to remain young and beautiful is as old as humanity itself. Thanks to the “facial rejuvenation” acupuncture based on Virginia Doran that rejuvenates the face, this desire does not have to go unfulfilled.

Hotel Post in Bezau has offered facial rejuvenation methods based on Virginia Doran since 2013.

Facial rejuvenation

  • Reduce wrinkles and/or smoothes the skin
  • Lifts the cheeks, chin and eyelids
  • Stimulate collagen production Plumps the skin
  • Make the skin of the face shine

Virginia Doran

Virginia Doran is a recognised expert in the field of anti-wrinkle acupuncture. She has taught as an instructor and teacher in the field of holistic health on the topics of massage therapy, acupuncture, aroma therapy, nutrition, flower essences, Chinese and western herbs and supplements since 1980. She has practiced and taught the methods of facial rejuvenation worldwide since 1995. TCM expert Dr. Brigitte Klett has practiced at the hotel for 14 years and has been certified by Virginia Doran.

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The knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine is incorporated in the anti aging treatments at Hotel Post Bezau. This includes facial rejuvenation based on Virginia Doran.

In the first sitting, TCM expert Dr. Brigitte Klett conducts a complete tongue and pulse diagnosis as well as an anamnesis. The first needles activate the flow of the life energy qi. Over the further course of the treatment, the skin is kneaded strongly and spread in the original direction. “This process helps the skin to remember how it once was and should be again”, is the basic thought behind the methods of facial rejuvenation.

Additional needles are placed in specific regions such as the nasolabial fold, crow’s feet, tear ducts or eyelids.


The methods of facial rejuvenation accelerate the circulation of the life energy qi and the blood and simultaneously stimulate collagen production and the lymphatic flow. The muscle and skin tone as well as the moisture of the skin and its texture improve significantly. Wrinkles are reduced or disappear entirely. The size of the pores is also regulated. The result: a relaxed, shining complexion.

By occasionally refreshing the treatment with acupuncture, the effects of the facial rejuvenation can be maintained for up to 5 years.

Enjoy March in the Bregenz Forest and makes an appointment with Dr. Brigitte Klett for your “facial rejuvenation” treatment at Hotel Post in Bezau. Send your non-binding enquiry right now.