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Benefical spa treatments in Vorarlberg

Winter wellness in the Bregenz Forest

Vacation in Fall in Vorarlberg

Heat, water and beneficial treatments

Take some time to strengthen your body’s immune system and pamper your skin. During the cold evenings, there is nothing better than warmth that envelops the entire body.

This could be in the bathhouse of Hotel Post Bezau with various saunas and steam baths, the outdoor brine pools or whirlpools or during a beneficial treatment by our therapists. This not only provides relaxation, it also strengthens the immune system.

“Something good for myself and my body”

Deliver yourself to a place of relaxation, comfort and beauty, strengthen your immune through a healthy lifestyle and make your skin fit for the winter. The holistic approach of the spa at Hotel Post has the goal not only of doing something good for your body, but of strengthening your health and inner harmony as well.


In terms of food, November can offer the best of autumn and winter. November is a particularly good time for wine lovers: at the Wine & Knowledge seminar they learn how to taste wine properly and experience how wine is made, and much more. At the Gourmet & Wine weekend, Dietmar Alge presents a winery and you have the opportunity to speak to the producer in person.

Enjoy your holiday in Vorarlberg

Find your own centre

The lack of sunny days, the constant stress of everyday life and a lack of fresh air especially affects the body and immune system in autumn. During this time it is important to slow down and find peace in order to find your own centre again, and with it, your inner voice.

The deepened perception that is only possible with absolute relaxation and an inner balance is achievable at Hotel Post through beneficial treatments, yoga and Qi Gong exercises and hike to places of spiritual strength. The next yoga retreat with Kathleen Kloss will take place in December. The topic is the path to greater attention and consciousness.

Wellness holidays

Winter skin

The first days of cold already both our bodies a little. In winter, our blood vessels constrict and circulation worsens. The renewal process of the skin slows down. The sebaceous glands cease production - the protective film of fat is no longer present. The result is dry, chapped or even cracked skin.

It is important now to strengthen the protective film of the skin and balance out the differences between dry, heated air and cold, wet weather. With the beauty treatments in the Susanne Kaufmann Spa of Hotel Post, your skin will be perfectly prepared for winter.

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