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Fitness Coach at the Vorarlberg Hotel

Fitness Coaching at Hotel Post Bezau

Sports in the Alps at Hotel Post in Vorarlberg, Austria

Fitness and sporty activities on your holiday in Vorarlberg

Fortunately, every person is different and the demands that our jobs and private lives place on us daily are also different. Because of this, the ingredients for your athletic programme should also be adapted to your needs to supply you with fresh power and vitality. With the fitness coaching programme at Hotel Post in the Bregenz Forest, you will find your exercise tailor-made for you.

Training options

Whether you are a solo or team athlete, have a golf hobby, are excited about running, are a workaholic or a non-athlete - the highly qualified fitness coaches at Hotel Post will support and train you professionally and accompany you on the way to your very personal best performance at Hotel Post:

  • Functional training
  • Pilates
  • Sling training
  • TRX training
  • Whole body training on the bodybuilding equipment
Fitness and sporty activities at Hotel Post Bezau, Austria

Functional training

Anyone looking for action has found it with functional training. Unconventional tools are used here to train each muscle of the body as well as to train endurance, balance and coordination.

The tennis ball becomes a back trainer and the hand towel because a balancing act; nothing remains untouched. And if the weather allows, the wonderful nature of the Bregenz Forest will become your personal fitness studio. You can also integrate the exercises perfectly within your sports programme at home.

TRX training

One device and countless exercises - that is the TRX training device. The TRX suspension trainer is a new development from the USA that trains strength, coordination, balance, stability and endurance with an intensity never before achieved. The degree of difficulty is determined entirely individually based upon your personal fitness - regardless of how much or how little fitness experience you have.

Fitness center

The fitness center of Hotel Post in Vorarlberg is equipped with state-of-the-art gym equipment. In the free instructional units, effective and correct exercises with the fitness equipment are demonstrated and explained. A good training for everyone who plans to train safely and healthily in the fitness center.


To make sure that summer active programme is perfect, the Susanne Kaufmann spa offers you special treatments for a proper balance. The diverse offer ranges from alkaline treatments that not only relax the musculature but also accelerate the detoxification process of the body to Thalodal sports massage.

Your nutrition can also be coordinated completely with your training schedule or desired weight: from food low in carbs during a weight reduction to a diet rich in protein to build muscle, everything is possible. The drink buffet in the wellness area of Hotel Post ensues sufficient fluids. The alkaline tea will especially do you good.

Your fitness holiday in Vorarlberg

Send a non-binding inquiry for your athletically active fitness holiday in Vorarlberg. An employee of Hotel Post will answer you in no time at all. See you soon in Bezau in the Bregenz Forest!