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Fly fishing in the Bregenz Forest

Fly fishing in the Bregenz Forest

Fly fishing guiding at Bregenz Forest

Learn the art of fly fishing at Hotel Post in Bezau

One person says it is an art, another calls it philosophy, but for everyone who has caught the fever, it is a passion they simply cannot ignore: we’re talking about fly fishing. Fly fishing has been a term we’ve known at least sinceBrad Pitt showed up standing in the water on the movie screen with his line flying over the river. The Bregenz Forest also offers a gigantic backdrop for fly fishers.

Spend the whole day in the water, surrounding by the breath-taking mountain panorama of the Bregenz Forest, the whispering trees and the clear mountain air: Together with Claus Elmenreich’s fly fishing school, we offer courses for beginners and pros alike.

Casting instead of fishing

As opposed to normal fishing, a fly fisher does not simply hang their line in the water and wait for a fish to bite at the bait. Instead, the line is cast repeatedly, every minute, in an artful manner. But do you cast the line directly in front of the fish or to the side? Do you reel in quickly or slowly? Learn the right technique for a perfect cast while on holiday in Bezau.

Real or fake

In fly fishing, fake insects are used as bait - fly larvae, worms, dragonflies or yellow flies, deceptively realistic and made from wire, deer hair or feathers. This is called fly tying.

Questions and answers

There are countless scientific explanations, theories and thoughts that attempt to explain the nature, art and implications of fishing with artificial flies on the basis of scientific, empirical or philosophical approaches. Anyone who has begun to practice fly fishing will soon realise that many more new questions arise than answers to the existing ones.


Claus Elmenreich shares his passion for fly fishing with you over half-day classes. He provides with theoretical and practical knowledge about the bodies of water, selecting equipment and basic casting. You can rent all of the equipment needed.

Claus Elmenreich offers guided tours for advanced fly fishers where you can learn new casting techniques and find choice territory.

Bodies of water

The waters within the Bregenz Forest are part of the trout region. The primary fish is the brook trout and some graylings and rainbow trout are also found. This is a sustainable fishing area, meaning that no fish are added.

Let your fishing line fly artfully over the waters of the Bregenz Forest and reserve a spot in Claus Elmenreich’s fly fishing class right now along with a room at Hotel Post in Bezau.