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Grilling at Hotel Post

Grilling at Hotel Post in Bezau

Summer holidays in Austria

The philosophy of grilling

There are countless explanations for why people enjoy grilling so much: from origin theories about the power of fire through seemingly primitive notions of gender roles that say men can present themselves as hunter and provider while grilling. We grill in the summer at Hotel Post in Bezau with Head Chef Stefan Jazbec without any theory but with a great deal of pleasure.

Grilling on the sun terrace

The sun terrace is covered, the wine is cooled, the home-made sauces are ready, the vegetables from the in-house garden are being prepared and the meat is perfectly marbled and hung. Grilling simply has a very special charm, being a combination of civilisation with the primitive, even when it is “just” a grill night at Hotel Post Bezau.

Local products

We place a great deal of value on regional origin and sustainability at Hotel Post. The meat for our grill evenings comes from local farmers. The meat is chosen from what is available - the local butchers have a wide range from suckling pigs to beef. The cut of the meat is important for the perfect taste on the grill and Stefan Jazbec arranges this directly with the butchers.

The cuisine at Hotel Post

Stefan Jazbec’s award-winning kitchen team spoils you from morning until night in Hotel Post Bezau. The day begins with an enticing breakfast buffet featuring egg dishes prepared fresh, warm, healthy müslis and lovingly prepared vegetable and fruit juice smoothies.

At 2:30 pm, our half-board guests receive an afternoon snack with home-made cake, different soups every day, warm meals or typical Austrian warm desserts. Anyone who gets hungry beforehand can eat á la carte at the Hotel Post restaurant in the afternoon. In the evening there is a brilliant four-course menu for half-board guests with additional Lake Constance salads and fresh vegetables from the buffet with delicious cheese specialities from local dairies for dessert.

Stefan Jazbec

Respectfully working with regional ingredients and carefully processing them into end productions is what makes the Bregenz Forest and its specialities so special. Quality is and has always been preferred to quantity. The successful combination of traditional, regionality and sustainability is the centre of Head Chef Stefan Jazbec’s creations.

Indulgence region Bregenz Forest

The Bregenz Forest is an Austrian indulgence region. The “indulgence” is used almost to death today, but “indulgence region” has a very specific meaning: it is a brand protected by the Austrian Ministry of Life and the AMA (Agrarmarkt Austria) that seeks to promote regional specialties in the consciousness of the consumers.

If you would like to take part in a comfortable grill evening on the sun terrace at Hotel Post in Bezau, just come on by. If you want to stay longer, you should send your non-binding enquiry now.