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Healthy Sleep at the Hotel in Vorarlberg

Power sleeping at Hotel Post Bezau

Restful holidays at the spa hotel in Vorarlberg, Austria

Samina sleeping healthy concept

A human being spends a good third of their life sleeping. During this phase, the very important physical and mental regeneration takes place. This is why healthy sleep is a prerequisite for relaxation, recuperation, comfort, health and inner harmony - that is, everything that your stay at Hotel Post Bezau stands for.

The Samina sleeping system will help you to attain healthy sleep again.

Exclusive sleeping system

The Samina sleeping system, found in all power sleeping rooms at Hotel Post, is based upon the knowledge gained from modern sleep medicine and ensures you the highest degree of sleeping comfort:

the double-sided, freely swinging slat frame made from highly elastic ash wood directly compensates for every movement of the body and thus promotes a deep sleep with a high level of quality. This especially supports the regeneration of the spine and intervertebral discs.

Restful spa holidays in Bregenzerwald, Austria

Pure nature

The mattress pad made from 100% natural rubber distinguishes itself through a high level of point elasticity and optimal resilience. This prevents pressure sensitivity in the skin and muscles and ensures the unrestricted circulation of the veins and arteries . The purely natural, breathable cotton as well as the 100% organic virgin wool of the pads, covers and pillows provide a comfortably dry-warm bed climate.

The ground pad establishes contact between the person and the ground and has the same effect as walking barefoot for 7-8 hours. It palpably supports the regeneration of the body, mind and soul. In addition, the body is unstressed from magnetic fields, charged with life energy and protected against damaging electrosmog influences.

Sleep healthy and send us a no-obligation holiday enquiry or reserve your restful holiday right now with our online booking. Take the time and give your body rest and relaxation!