Leisure Hiking in the Bregenz Forest

Hiking Bizauer Moos with children in Vorarlberg, Austria

Hiking in Bizauer Moos

Experience the barefoot hiking path in Bizauer Moos in Vorarlberg and indulge yourself with the region’s best plum and apricot dumplings.

The Bizauer Moos is well-known for its barefoot path, which in the summer is a very popular walk with both our guests and the local residents.

Route description

The bus will take you from Bezau to Bizau. This is where the barefoot path, which is especially perfect for families, is located. The walk on the 2km path will take about 1 hour.

Most important reference points of the route

Hike barefooted along the Ulve, a little creek, for about an hour. The raised bog, which is about 10,000 years old, will become a playground for the senses. You will pass

  • Raised bog area
  • Moss grounds
  • Wet meadows
  • Rugged surfaces
Hiking trails on summer holiday in the Alps in Vorarlberg

Time for a break

Hiking and indulgence – the highlights of this hike is a visit at the “4 kleinen Eseln” (4 little donkeys) at Gustl’s in Reuthe. For a snack on the way we recommend a visit at Antonia and Wolfgang at the Schwanen Pub in Bizau. Here you will be indulged with self-made cuisine and strudel. The Schwanen Pub is open daily, except Wednesdays. During the season you will also get the best apricot and plum dumplings here. 

holiday hiking and enjoying Alpine nature awaits you in Bregenzerwald. Send us your no obligation holiday enquiry today for your stay at the Post Bezau Hotel in Vorarlberg.