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The history of the Bregenz Forest

The history of the Bregenz Forest

Holiday in the Bregenz Forest

Bezau as the centre of the Bregenz Forest

Historically, the market community of Bezau is deemed the central location, even if the surrounding communities are larger. In 1,000 A.D., the Bregenz Forest was still completely forested and was settled and cultivated by Bregenz.

The Bregenz Forest farmer’s republic

The farmers of the Bregenz Forest are known to be self-confident and have always gone their own way. Long before the liberation of the famers in 1848, the farmers of the Bregenz Forest had freed themselves from servitude to the church and were able to settle freely.

A farmer’s republic of the Bregenz Forest was formed with its own constitution and jurisdiction. The history of the Swabian children has achieved a sad familiarity. Until about 1900, many of the children of the Bregenz Forest had to go to Swabia from May until October to work on farms there.


In order to enter the Bregenz Forest, one first had to overcome some heights. Pfänder to the west, Sulzbergstock to the north, the Riedberg Pass or Hochtannberg Pass to the east and the Furkajoch and Faschinajoch to the south. Arriving on top, the landscape divides into into the Vorderwald, Mittelwald and Hinterwald, connected by the Bregenzerache.

The Vorderwald has a park-like landscape with gentle hills and flat depressions, the mountains are more imposing and the valleys narrower in the Mittelwald and the Hinterwald distinguishes itself by high-Alpine peaks and the untamed headwaters of the Ache river as a wild landscape.

Agriculture in the Bregenz Forest

A 3-step agricultural use of the pastures has been practised in the Bregenz Forest for centuries. This type of agriculture has belong to UNESCO’s immaterial cultural heritage of humanity since 2011.

Three-step agriculture means that the pastures are used optimally by moving the livestock to fields located at different altitudes during corresponding times of the year. In Bezau as well, the knowledge and abilities for farming the pastures in the various altitudes have been passed down through farming families for generations and through oral tradition.

In the kitchen of Hotel Post in Bezau, we maintain good contact with the surrounding farmers and obtain a rich selection of products from local providers.


Archaeological findings attest to the early settlement under the name Baezenowe. A series of different affiliations followed, first to the church, then the Hapsburg Empire, briefly to Bavaria and now to the western state of Austria, Vorarlberg.

Bezau is located at 650 metres above sea level and the area of the market community is 1/3 forest, 1/3 mounts and 1/3 fields and/or settled area. The first post office for the rear part of the Bregenz Forest was constructed in 1850, the origin of Hotel Post Bezau.

Hotel Post as a centre for wellness & a spa

The Wellness Hotel Post in Bezau is modern and authentically integrated within the nature and culture of the Bregenz Forest. Here you can find a combination of traditional treatment techniques, TCM detox regimens, natural anti-aging concepts and the effective, natural cosmetic products by Susanne Kaufmann with an individual feeling of life while on holiday in Vorarlberg. Book your room in the design hotel in the Bregenz Forest and enjoy the beneficial wellness and spa treatments.