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Immune Booster - TCM Detox Treatment in the Bregenz Forest

Immune Booster - TCM Detox Treatment in the Bregenz Forest

Make it healthily through the cold winter with a TCM detox treatment at Hotel Post in Bezau

Preserving inner harmony and health instead of merely healing illnesses is the goal of traditional Chinese medicine at Hotel Post Bezau in the Bregenz Forest. Especially in the winter, a TCM detox treatment is the best protection against illness and a loss of energy.After all, with a strong immune system, one remains safe against colds and flus and makes it healthily through the contagious periods. The TCM detox programme was developed by Susanne Kaufmann with Dr. Brigitte Klett, doctor of general and Chinese medicine, who has overseen the medicinal programme of Hotel Post Bezau for many years.

The significance of the heart and lung function in traditional Chinese medicine

The connection of the lungs with the surface of the skin is especially responsible for immune defence: the lungs - the element of metal - controls the skin, which is the largest organ in our bodies. The task of the skin is to protect the body from external influences that cause illness. It is also our outermost layer, the one which comes into directly contact with the environment and serves as protective armour. According to TCM, the skin and the entire respiratory tract, which begins at the nose and extends down the throat and into the lungs, defend against the first pathogens. A portion of the lung Qi is distributed throughout the skin and circulates the so-called defence Qi - WEI QI - outside of the meridians. The pores open and close here, first of all to protect the body and, if something undesired has gained access, to eliminate it again via perspiration. At the same time, the lung Qi is also responsible for the regulation of the body temperature.

What options are there for strengthening the immune system?


Let nutrition be your medicine – this is the guiding principle of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In the sense of traditional Chinese medicine, nutrition serves to fill up the reserves as well as to strengthen the constitution. Over the course of a thorough, diagnostic meeting with our therapists in the Susanne Kaufmann Spa with a tongue diagnosis, your current state of nutrition and health will be determined from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine. Based on this, nutrition plans will integrated into your everyday routine on a long-term basis. With its TCM detox cuisine, the Hotel Post in Bezau offers a nutritional programme that introduces a cleansing, immune-strengthening and harmonising process in the body.


Getting exercise and a great deal of fresh air are simple but very effective methods for strengthening the body’s defences. The nature of the Bregenz Forest is perfectly suited for this. The body is provided with an increased amount of oxygen through increased respiration. This is especially good for the lungs. The lung Qi is strengthened by this and can easily circulate in the outer layer as well as inside the body within the meridians. The TCM detox movements concept accompanies you throughout your stay at Hotel Post Bezau. The daily programme sustainably supports the TCM detox treatment and can be continued at home at any time.


The individual treatments at the Susanne Kaufmann Spa in Bezau help the body to find inner peace and achieve deep relaxation. This stimulate the self-healing powers of the body and the restoration of the energy balance. As with acupuncture, massages and meridian applications serve as orientation. Using specific points and body zones, the therapist can also influence deeper-seated disturbances through massage.

Sauna: sweat healthily

Indulge yourself with some time in the sauna. It supports detoxification via the skin. The intense heat opens the pores and toxins are transported out of the body via the sweat. The detoxifying effect of the sauna can be further strengthened in combination with salt rubs and brush massages.

The knowledge of the ancient Chinese doctors has been integrated within our programme for strengthening the body’s defensive powers:

After a Chinese diagnosis by our TCM doctors or TCM therapists in the Susanne Kaufmann Spa, you begin with one or two “fasting days” to restore the digestive tract, where an additional part of our immune defences are localised. You will then receive a restorative, revitalising diet according to the individual created treatment plans based on your overall constitution. A special Tui na treatment will be conducted parallel to this. Your body’s own defence systems are reactivated by applying acupressure to specific acupuncture points and meridian massages. Together with daily Qigong sessions, you will feel how your energy increases from day to day in harmony with the nature of the Bregenz Forest.

Give yourself a time out for your well-being and return reinforced to your everyday routines. The staff of Hotel Post in Bezau is happy to answer any further questions and accept your no-obligation enquiries.