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Learning tennis with the European Tennis Academy in Vorarlberg

NEW! Kids and Junior Tennis High School in the Bregenz Forest

European Tennis academy

Learning to play tennis with the European Tennis Academy

The European Tennis Academy, a partner of the Hotel Post in Bezau, this year launched the Kids Tennis High School, a modern tennis training programme for children from 5 to 12 years of age. Your children can learn the sport of tennis here in a game-orientated and diverse way. Your child will go through three stages of training that are always matched to his or her age and ability. Smaller courts, slower balls and modified racquets ensure that your child can play rallies and have fun from the outset. The Hotel Post Bezau in Vorarlberg offers a year-round children’s tennis programme starting in 2016.

The Kids Tennis Programme

Personal development, learning to move, playing tennis and learning to play tennis are the four training steps that a child must complete in order to play tennis well and successfully. The initiative of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) aims at allowing children up to the age of 10 years to learn to play tennis in an age-appropriate fashion on smaller courts and with softer balls. This is proven to promote learning success and is much more fun for the children.

The training on the tennis courses is given in three stages: red, orange and green. The court size and ball hardness increase with each level. In this way, the children are gradually introduced to the conditions encountered by the juniors and adults. The Kids Tennis High School is an exciting story and motivating game in one.

Tennis academy in the Bregenzerwald

The various learning steps

The learning steps in the red stage include

  • Hitting the ball
  • Serving and returning
  • Ready position for court coverage
  • Reacting
  • Learning the rules of the game

The orange stage requires

  • Forwards rotation
  • Different styles of serving and returning
  • Change of direction
  • Finding a rhythm
  • Behaviour during the match

The following learning objectives are included in the green stage

  • Effective attack shots
  • Adjusted net game
  • Second service
  • Safe net game
  • Self-control

Junior Tennis Programme

For 11 to 16 year-olds, the European Tennis Academy offers fun, mental techniques and improved performance. Playing tennis should be fun. Knowing how to win is also required. The camps of the European Tennis Academy combine both. An exciting programme and targeted mental training. The tennis camps for teenagers aim at working on an improving the players’ concentration rather than their technique It is well known that the biggest opponent is not at the other end of the court, but in the player’s own mind.

European Tennis Academy

The European Tennis Academy is known for its comprehensive training methods based on a self-coaching approach. They combine the latest developments and findings in the areas of technique and mentality. The founder of the MMP method, sports psychologist Kurt Wiederkehr, combines this mental technique, which allows the athletes to establish an inner calm, with decision-making techniques gleaned from behavioural research as well as methods for building up self-motivation and self-confidence.

Send us your no-obligation inquiry to the Hotel Post Bezau in the Bregenz Forest and let your child participate in the tennis lessons of the European Tennis Academy.