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Yoga & hikes in Bregenzerwald

Yoga & hikes in Bregenzerwald

Yoga retreat at Hotel Post Bezau with Kristin Rübesamen

Stretching, sweating, breathing, exercising and resting. This is the philosophy of the yoga retreats from Kristin Rübesamen. Her classes always have a dynamic flow and are sometimes fast-paced, and sometimes in slow motion. All her sessions, however, are physically challenging and elucidating for the mind. Challenging Vinyasa yoga practice that develops a lucid mind and builds strength. Each day, you will experience a centering session in the morning and a more in-depth session in the evening. At midday, you will go for a silent walk lasting at least an hour in nature: an intensive, moving meditation. This course is suitable for all levels and abilities.

Dates of the yoga retreat with Kristin Rübesamen in Bezau

  • 30 July to 4 August 2017

About Kristin Rübesamen

Kristin is a trained Jivamukti and Om yoga teacher. She has been teaching in Berlin for the last few years following a decade in New York and London. Her special “slow motion style” is always both challenging and creative and simple yet complex. Furthermore, Kristin has studied with many other renowned yoga teachers such as Mark Whitwell, Baron Baptiste, John Friend and Genny Kapuler and has studied meditation with Sharon Saltzberg. Her sense of humour is particularly appreciated by the readers of her yoga books (“Alle sind erleuchtet” (Everyone is Enlightened), “Yoga ABC” and “Great Yoga Retreats”) and her videos at

Why yoga and hikes?

“Here in Bezau, being half in the valley and half up high, we are going to slow down time a little, recuperate, listen to our inner-beings and go out into nature”, says Kristin Rübesamen about her retreat.

As a yoga activist, editor-in-chief at and yoga teacher, Kristin has been teaching her concentrated yet challenging style of yoga for almost 20 years. You will take part in 3 hours of intensive Vinyasa practice each day. Slow, moderate and always with a lot of meditation time and small workshops as part of the practice (inversions, arm balances, stomach, Pranayama). At midday, you will meditate silently while walking through the breathtaking nature of the Bregenzerwald.

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